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Your return date must be after your departure date.

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Maximum of 9 passengers allowed on the outward.

Please select at least one adult to travel.

Max Length 5m
Max length of car + towed vehicle 10m
Max length of motorhome 7m
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The fares quoted online are valid only for standard vehicles or camping/luggage trailers used for leisure travel reasons and so do not apply to exceptional vehicles, including but not limited to, panel sided vehicles, trailers (other than those listed on our Taking your trailer page) and any other vehicles designed for the carriage of goods, regardless of whether you are booking for commercial or leisure reasons.

You must obtain a permit for a Motorhome or Caravan prior to your arrival in Jersey. More info>

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Maximum of 6 passengers allowed on the outward.

Please select at least one adult to travel.

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TravellingBy Car

On this page you’ll find all the information you need to make travelling with your car as easy and enjoyable as possible, between the UK, Guernsey, Jersey and St Malo.

Choose your car from one of the vehicles below when booking, to ensure your check-in process goes smoothly!


Check-in closes 60 minutes prior to your departure

Standard Car

Up to 1.85m High

Standard Car & Roof Load

Up to 2.25m High

Medium Car

Up to 2.25m High

Medium Car
& Roof Load

Up to 3.1m High




When measuring your vehicle, please take into consideration any bicycle racks that you may be carrying on the day. We accommodate vehicles up to 5m in length

To book a vehicle plus trailer including caravans, boat and car trailers, motor homes or where the combined length of the vehicle from the bonnet to the end of the trailer exceeds 6.5m long please contact 0345 609 1024 to make your booking.



• Up to 1.85m high

• Up to 2.25m high

• Up to 3.1m high

Making sure you book the right vehicle size

When you book your travel, please make sure you select the correct vehicle type and size. We have to plan our loading very carefully, and if you haven’t given us the correct details we may not be able to let you travel on the day.

Checking-in with a car

Check in opens 2 hours before you are due to sail and closes promptly, 60 minutes before departure, so make sure you get to the port in plenty of time. We recommend you plan your journey carefully in advance, and also keep an eye on our sailing updates too, for any changes in departure times.

When you arrive at the Port, just follow the signs to Condor Ferries Car Check-in, making sure you have your booking reference number at the ready. If you’re travelling to France don’t forget to have your passports handy too.



Driving onto the Ferry

You’ll be guided onto the ship by our experienced crew, and because our ships stop at more than one port, cars have to be loaded in a specific order. So please be patient, as it’s not necessarily first come first served. Once you have driven onto the ship and into your parking space, please apply your handbrake, and switch off your car alarm.

Some of our passengers travel with pets, and it’s important not to distress them in transit. More information on travelling with pets can be found here.

When you leave the vehicle deck make sure you have everything you need with you for the crossing, including your boarding pass, (which you’ll need if you plan to buy anything from our onboard duty free shop), and follow the signs to the main cabin.

There you can enjoy a wide variety of hot food and snacks, a drink in one of our bars, and also make massive savings on your favourite brands, in our onboard duty-free shop!


Important Notice

If you travel in a vehicle with different dimensions to those on your booking form, you will be liable to an excess charge at the port of departure, and may be refused travel.