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Luxury Hotels in Guernsey

Guernsey, a stunning Channel Islands destination, invites you to a lavish escape. Discover the finest 5* Guernsey luxury hotels where you can relax by the pool, explore hidden beaches, island gems, and indulge in fine dining.

Explore our exclusive holiday packages, featuring ferry travel, luxury hotel accommodations, and breakfast. Personalise your luxury Guernsey experience with various accommodation options, while we manage all the details for you.

From family holidays to short breaks, spa hotels, beach front getaways, and hotels with inviting swimming pools; your Guernsey escape is waiting for you.

You have a wealth of fantastic luxury hotels in Guernsey to choose from, each offering something unique to enhance your stay. We've curated a selection of the finest hotels in Guernsey for you to select from, and we'll also arrange your ferry travel for a seamless experience.

Unique experiences in Guernsey

Rent a yacht

Royal China Charters are a luxury yacht charter specialist who own a 52-foot yacht you can rent for a day, including a skipper and light refreshments.

Private walking tours

The fully customisable walking tour allows you to experience Guernsey like a true local! You can customise the itinerary based on what you want to explore, or you can leave it up to your private guide who can provide insights and show you the hidden gems of the island.

Luxury Spas

Choose a spa hotel for your luxury stay or opt for a spa day during your holiday at one of the many hotels offering a spa experience on the island.

Rocquette Cider

Nestled in a sun-soaked valley, this cider farm will give you a glimpse into the beauty of cider making. Join a guided walk through the picturesque orchards where you’ll learn about the history and how Rocquette cider is made.

Afternoon tea

Indulge in afternoon tea at the Old Government House. Delicate finger sandwiches, delicious pastries, and freshly baked scones… not forgetting the Guernsey clotted cream!

Royal Guernsey Golf Club

If you’re a serious golfer, this 18-hole course should be added to your list. The wide, open fairways go into the distance and the beautifully landscaped grass will give you no problems getting that hole in one! With the sea views, there aren’t many golf courses quite like it.


Fine Dining in Guernsey

Le Nautique

Le Nautique Restaurant in Guernsey is nestled by the beautiful coast, it serves exquisite seafood and locally sourced dishes. With stunning sea views and a cosy ambience, it's a perfect spot for a taste of Guernsey's culinary delights.

The Hook

The Hook restaurant in Guernsey is a seafood lover's paradise. With its stunning coastal location, it offers a delectable menu featuring fresh catches of the day, prepared with a touch of British culinary finesse. From fish and chips to seafood platters, it's a must-visit for a taste of the ocean in Guernsey.

Red Grill House

Using the finest ingredients sourced from the British Isles, the Red Grill House has a flair for delicious steak. Their meat is dry-aged between 25-30 days and cooked on an enclosed grill to intensify the flavours. Their wine cellar is filled with a variety of different wines from the four corners of the globe, so you’ll find the perfect pairing for your meal.


Located on the south side of Havelet Bay in St Peter Port, with stunning views towards Herm, this fantastic restaurant offers an array of dishes bursting with flavour that will leave you wanting more. From fresh seafood to extensive steak & informal street food, this restaurant has it all with local produce at the heart.