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Golden beaches, historic sites, great attractions and award-winning food. Create lasting memories starting with a ferry trip to Guernsey!

Condor Ferries operates 2 ferry routes between the UK and Guernsey, Channel Islands. We sail from Poole to Guernsey  and Portsmouth to Guernsey . Poole is our fastest route taking just 3 hours, whilst Portsmouth will take a duration of 7 hours on Commodore Clipper. 

Sailing durations to Guernsey are different depending on where you're traveling from. The quickest ferry to Guernsey from the UK  departs from Poole, with a duration of 3 hours every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in peak season. You'll have plenty of time to walk around onboard and enjoy everything we have to offer. Or, you could just settle down in a comfortable seat and watch the world go by.

You can now book hotels and ferry travel with us, browse our holidays to Guernsey here.


Our return Guernsey to Poole route connects Guernsey with England. This ferry crossing operates on Sundays and Mondays and takes just 3 hours. For an alternative route to the UK, we also offer a direct fast crossing between Guernsey on Fridays and Saturdays which takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. The Commodore Clipper sails from Guernsey to Portsmouth indirectly via Jersey every day except Sundays, taking around 12 hours and 55 minutes. Click here for more information on our routes from Guernsey to the UK.

And, if your plans change, you can rest easy knowing that you can book with confidence with free amendments. You can easily change your booking for free up to 48 hours before your departure, with only the difference in fare to pay.


view of jagged rocks and blue sea in guernsey channel islands

Ferry routes to Guernsey

How to get to Guernsey


Getting to Guernsey is easy when travelling on one of our regular ferries from the UK, Jersey, or France. Your journey can take as little as 1 hour if you set off from Jersey; 3 hours from Poole UK on our fast ferry Condor Liberation, and around 7 hours on Commodore Clipper when traveling from Portsmouth. If you’re travelling to Guernsey from France, our St Malo to Guernsey crossing onboard Condor Voyager gets you there in 1 hour and 55 minutes, or our Cherbourg to Guernsey crossing takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. 


Overhead view of routes to guernsey from different condor ports

Plan your trip

Be sure to book your ferry tickets in advance to take advantage of our best Guernsey ferry prices, especially if you’re planning a holiday to Guernsey during peak seasons like summer or half term. Consider visiting on a weekday instead of a weekend – you might find more options to suit your budget.

Routes to Guernsey

Sailing Duration



Poole to Guernsey From 3 hours Up to 4 times a week Condor Liberation BOOK
Portsmouth to Guernsey From 7 hours Up to 6 times a week Commodore Clipper BOOK
Jersey to Guernsey From 2 hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Peak Season) Condor Voyager & Commodore Clipper BOOK
St Malo to Guernsey From 2 hours 35 minutes Up to 2 times a week Condor Voyager BOOK
Cherbourg to Guernsey From 1 hours 45 minutes Up to 1 times per week Condor Liberation BOOK
Plan your trip information is based on peak travel period: July - September

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get to Guernsey from the UK by ferry?

Condor Ferries is the only ferry company operating between the UK and Guernsey. You can get to Guernsey from either Poole or Portsmouth ports from the UK. We also offer services between St Malo to Guernsey and Jersey to Guernsey.

2. How long is the ferry to Guernsey?

The ferry to Guernsey takes just 3 hours from Poole on board our fast ferry Condor Liberation and 7 hours from Portsmouth on board Commodore Clipper.

3. Can you drive to Guernsey?

Yes, getting the ferry to Guernsey by car is easy on our car and passenger ferry from Poole or Portsmouth. Just pack your car with everything you need for a family holiday – there's no need to worry about luggage restrictions.


4. Do you need a passport to go to Guernsey?

Passengers are required to bring photo ID to check-in. It's not essential to bring your passport, but you will need to bring a form of photographic ID. Forms of photo ID we accept to travel can be found here.

5. What is the cheapest way to get to Guernsey?

The cheapest way to get from England to Guernsey is by ferry as a foot passenger. Prices will vary based on the time of year and sailing you choose. Please check live pricing for the most up-to-date prices.


About Guernsey

Guernsey is just 50km to the west of the Normandy coast in France and boasts milder weather than the UK. Guernsey is slightly smaller than Jersey at 25sq miles, but this Channel Island offers numerous attractions for the whole family. Explore one of the 27 beautiful bays or beaches of Guernsey, take a boat over to explore the nearby islands of Herm, Alderney, and Sark. Take a walk and soak up the stunning landscapes, stroll the narrow streets of St Peter Port, and discover Guernsey’s rich history and museums to learn more about the German occupation. Browse our travel guides for inspiration to start planning your trip to Guernsey.

Guernsey travel advice

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Booking the right vehicle

Visiting Guernsey by car? Be sure to check out our Vehicle Size Guide to help you book the right vehicle for your ferry trip.

Our timetables to Guernsey

Looking for the perfect sailing time for your trip? Take a look at our timetables where you’ll be able to see our full availability for ferries to Guernsey.

Travelling with pets

Looking for information on travelling to Guernsey with your dog? Be sure to read our guide on ferry travel with your pet for everything you need to know.

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Which travel documents do I need?

Wondering whether you need a passport to travel to Guernsey? Have a look at our FAQ to find out which travel documents you’ll need for your trip.

Travelling with freight

Looking for more information on freight charges? Make sure you read our page on freight charges so you're completely up to speed.

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