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Jersey Holidays & Breaks

Jersey, with unspoiled sandy beaches, natural beauty, delicious fresh food, and adventurous things to do is a beautiful place to visit in the Channel Islands for a holiday by ferry or short break all year round.

Jersey holidays by ferry from the UK are made easy thanks to our daily sailings that will get to the Channel Islands in 4 hours and 30 minutes from Poole. Pack your car and get ready to embrace the convenience of ferry travel and enjoy a package holiday to Jersey with no baggage restrictions and no airport hassle.

Browse our best deals and holiday packages to Jersey below, which include ferry, hotel and breakfast. Choose from a range of amazing places to stay where you'll be able to create memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime. See also our spa hotels in Jersey, hotels on the beach, hotels with pools and much more! Choose our holidays to Jersey for your next break.


Please note: Sailings throughout the winter, from November onwards, are mostly on our conventional ferries departing Portsmouth. High-speed sailings are available from Spring 2024. For more information, check the ferry timetables.

Plan your perfect holiday in Jersey

Jersey Hotels & Accommodation

There are so many places to stay in Jersey and whatever sort of break you are looking for whether that’s a beach escape or a city exploration, we’ll have the perfect accommodation for you. Wherever you stay, taking your car means you can easily explore the many places to visit on your Jersey holiday.

Jersey family holidays

Whether it's a long or short break, Jersey holidays are perfect for families with kids of all ages, with a wide range of things to do, from visiting the Jersey Zoo to taking in the local culture at one of the many museums, it's perfect for everyone. Going on your holidays to Jersey by ferry means that even the dog can come on board!

Jersey short breaks

Going on a short break to Jersey is great for either taking your car or going on foot. You’ll be able to take in Jersey’s interesting culture and rich maritime heritage in just a few days. And, instead of shopping in Jersey, you can save time by shopping in the onboard Duty Free shop.

Self-catering holidays in Jersey

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility in accommodation, a self-catering holiday to Jersey is the perfect option. And, booking car travel by ferry means you’ll be able to pack all those must-have supplies to make your self-catering Jersey holiday a success.

Jersey hotels with pools

There are many Jersey hotels that offer either an indoor or outdoor pool. Whether you’re looking to explore the island or escape your everyday life, a pool can help you unwind and relax after a long day. Some hotels pools are seasonal however many are open year-round.

Spa hotels in Jersey

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, Jersey offers plenty of accommodations options to do so. Jersey has a range of spa hotels situated around the island where you can indulge in the different spa facilities that each hotel has to offer.

Jersey Beach Hotels

Jersey has some of the most stunning coves, sunsets and beaches in the world and staying at one of Jersey’s beach hotels means you can wake up next to the coast with a sea view every morning. The best hotels here are scattered across the island’s coastline, giving you access to some of jersey’s best beaches, without compromising on luxury.

Where to stay in Jersey?

car driving on the road with sun

St Helier

The capital of Jersey, St Helier offers an exciting metropolitan experience with lots of places to stay ranging from luxury hotels to cosy guesthouses. By staying in St Helier, you’re close to the stunning waterfront views and easy access to shops, restaurants, and attractions. The vibrant atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a mix of city convenience and coastal charm.

car driving on the road with sun

St Brelade's Bay

This stunning west coast bay is a popular choice for those seeking a serene and scenic stay. The golden sandy beach, framed by cliffs and crystal waters, is the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Choose from boutique hotels and charming B&Bs, as no view from St Brelade’s Bay will disappoint travellers seeking a laid-back retreat and a taste of Jersey’s natural beauty.

car driving on the road with sun

St Aubin's Bay

Nestled along the south coast, St Aubin is well known for its picturesque charm and heritage. With a range of accommodations, including charming inns and boutique hotels, you can enjoy a stay near the quaint harbour to enjoy the views and dine in waterfront restaurants. It is perfect for history enthusiasts, beach lovers, and those that like to live slowly.

car driving on the road with sun

St Peter's Valley

Located inland, St Peter's Valley is a peaceful and green escape, ideal for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Accommodation options include countryside hotels and charming cottages surrounded by lush landscapes. The valley's scenic beauty provides opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring Jersey's rural side. For a tranquil retreat away from the coastal crowds, St Peter's Valley offers a serene stay in the heart of nature.

What are the best things to do in Jersey?

Nestled in the stunning waters of the English Channel, Jersey offers an array of unforgettable experiences for every traveller. Known for its beautiful, unspoiled beaches and breathtaking scenery, this charming destination is full of things for you to enjoy.

For the ultimate beach day, head to St Brelade's Bay, rated among Trip Advisor's top 10 beaches in the UK for four consecutive years. With soft sands and crystal-clear waters, it's a must-visit spot to relax or try various water sports.

Adventurers will love exploring the wild beaches in the north, with towering cliffs and grassy dunes providing a dramatic backdrop. Don't miss the hidden gem of Plémont Bay, where a rocky pool and buried cave can be explored during low tide.

The vibrant culinary scene offers unique Jersey produce, including freshly caught seafood and artisanal cheeses. Indulge in the island's finest by dining at award-winning restaurants with a blend of traditional and modern gastronomic delights. If you enjoy a glass of wine, La Mare Wine Estate is Jersey's only vineyard, offering wine-tasting and distillery tours, it's a must-visit if you enjoy a tipple.

Culture enthusiasts can visit the iconic Corbière Lighthouse and wander charming streets dotted with local shops and boutiques offering unique souvenirs and crafts.

Whether seeking relaxation on sheltered bays or adventure on hiking paths, Jersey captivates with its unmatched beauty and charm, making it an enchanting island paradise to discover.

Explore things to do in Jersey

Although the island is only 9 miles by 5, it has an abundance of things to see and do. Its fascinating past means that there are plenty of museums and landmarks to explore for your history fix, and the long stretches of gorgeous coastline are perfect for seaside strolling, swimming and sunbathing.

Why book with us?

Our passionate Sales Agent, Ben, is based in Jersey and will be on hand to guide you every step of the way, providing you with that personal touch to create your memorable island escape. For added piece of mind, Ben will be just a call away if you require any assistance during your holiday.

"I am truly lucky to have lived all my life on the beautiful island of Jersey. My extensive knowledge can really make a difference to help plan your perfect trip."

What would your Jersey travel tips be?


Q) How many days do you need in Jersey?

A) Ideally you need at least 4 days in Jersey because it has so much to offer.


Q) What is the best month to visit Jersey?

A) September is the warmest month here, and it's perfect for sea swimming!


Q) What's the best activity in Jersey?

A) To get out on the water. I'd recommend kayaking across the coast and exploring the bays.


Q) Where should I eat in Jersey?

A) I love taking a lazy stroll around Gorey and visiting the restaurants and bars along the pier. But if you want to guarantee a restaurant, I recommend reserving your table in advance. It can get booked up fast over here!


Q) What's Jersey's hidden gem?

A) Our national park is very underrated and beats anywhere in the UK!


Q) What's your favourite restaurant in Jersey?

A) The Dolphin Restaurant. It offers great views and food with a local atmosphere.


Q) What's your top tip for visiting Jersey?

A) Don't forget your sun cream! So many people get caught out by the amazing weather, but it's the sunniest place in the British Isles.