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Expert guide to St Helier

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Explore the historic charm of St Helier

St Helier in Jersey originated as a fishing village next to the parish church in the 13th century. It was where the king’s court would meet and where the island’s markets were held. When the glorious Elizabeth Castle was built in 1551, Saint Helier became the seat of the island’s government, and since then has been the centre of the island’s community. Around a third of the island’s population live in St Helier and it is where you’ll find the majority of shops, restaurants and businesses on the island.

The capital of Jersey has a range of attractions showcasing the island’s history including the Maritime Museum, Elizabeth Castle, and Jersey Museum. These attractions are all within walking distance, meaning you can make a full day exploring the island’s history with a delicious dinner in one of Saint Helier’s exciting restaurants to top it off.

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15 Best Things to do in St Helier

St Helier is Jersey’s capital and has a lot to offer all year-round. Check out our top picks to experience when visiting St Helier.

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St Helier Hotels

Browse some of the best hotels in St Helier and book your holiday to Jersey with Condor Breaks.

St Helier Hotels

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Saint Helier is full of things to see, whether it’s visiting one of the museums or simply soaking in the beautiful streets and markets that showcase the unique island’s charm. When you are thinking about what to do in St Helier Jersey, make sure to keep this list in mind so you can make the most of the St Heliers’ attractions and beauty spots.

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We offer holiday packages to Jersey including ferry and hotel. Pack your car, relax onboard, and start your holiday in Jersey.

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Pubs in St Helier

There are many pubs in St Helier with fine food and an excellent array of local beers, ciders and wines to please all types of punters. You will feel right at home at any of the pubs with the warm hospitality and friendly locals to welcome you in.

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The Lamplighter

The Lamplighter is a favourite with the locals, and you’ll often find a group of them sat outside the pub’s front doors on Mulcaster Street. The pub is known for its impressive whisky, cider and ale selection, as well as its freshly made pub grub and welcoming atmosphere. Enter alone and you’ll be sure to get chatting with the friendly staff and locals.


The Adelphi Lounge 

Part of the island’s Randall’s pub group, the Adelphi Lounge in St Helier has a ‘home away from home’ feel, with its comfortable mix of modern and traditional décor and its impressive drink selection with hearty meals. It is in an ideal location looking over the Parade Gardens, and its position near the Jersey Opera House means it’s perfect for pre or post-show meals.


Soleil Pub 

The Soleil Pub is one of the pubs in St Helier that lines New Street, and it is perfectly central, only moments away from the town’s main attractions. The pub serves a wide selection of food, from classical English dishes to those with an Asian influence for those who fancy something spicy! There is plenty of spacious seating inside with a few spots outside to enjoy the sunshine on a bright day in the summer.


The Admiral Wine and Ale House 

The Admiral Wine and Ale House is nestled in St James’s street, and is the place to go for delicious yet affordable pub food. The pub interior is dimly lit, creating that warm cosy feeling that means it’s easy to while away winter days settled in a quiet corner with a drink. Its oak beams and bare floorboards create an authentic and down-to-earth pub experience.



Chambers on Mulcaster Road is a place to go for great food and drinks in a modern and stylish atmosphere. The pub has 8 different draughts on tap, as well as an extensive wine and cocktail list. For food, there is the new addition of ‘Smoke’ where you can find various cuts of meat cooked over hot embers on a special Robata Charcoal Grill served along with Asian soul food .

Discover local cuisine in St Helier

St Helier is renowned for its glorious cuisine with influences from its French and English neighbours, as well as a few more exotic options for those looking for flavours from further afield. Every street in St Helier will have an abundance of options for you to choose from and will leave you wanting to go back for more. For our full list, take a look at our expert guide to Jersey restaurants.

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St Helier Shopping

With its tax-free prices, St Helier is renowned for its shopping. Whether you are looking for designer goods, chain store classics or independent island boutiques, you’ll be bound to find everything you can dream of, shopping in St Helier.

The Liberty Wharf Shopping Centre is one of the main shopping points in the capital and is hard to miss due to its breath-taking Victorian architecture. Among the cobbled pavements, you’ll see a wide collection of independent outlets and chain stores. Of course, there are places to pop in and refuel to keep the energy levels up with a few restaurants serving up delicious island cuisine.

The St Helier Central Market is on the corner of Beresford Street and Halkett Place and is open Monday to Saturday for all to browse and buy some of the fantastic produce and crafts. The local markets have been part of Jersey tradition for over 200 years and should definitely be part of your visit. Not only will you see some of the fantastic local produce such as Jersey Royal potatoes, but you’ll also see crafts and goods made by the talented artists on the island, making it the perfect place to buy gifts, essentials, and unique treasures to remind you of your St Helier visit.