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TripAdvisor Statistics 2024

Explore TripAdvisor Review Statistics & the Influence They Have on Your Customers!


With 8 million listings on experiences, accommodation, restaurants, airlines, and cruises, TripAdvisor influences millions of users’ travel decisions and has been ranked no. 2 in the most visited travel & tourism sites worldwide.


TripAdvisor is home to over 1 billion reviews, and 900 million registered users. Reviews have a significant impact on buying decisions and around 9 out of 10 users have made buying decisions based on an online review. 79% of travelers are likely to read 6 to 12 reviews before choosing a hotel and just 1 negative review can cost your business up to 30 customers. It has never been more crucial to offer an exceptional customer experience and ensure your business has a strategy in place to monitor and engage with reviews.




The total number of user reviews on the platform and ratings exceeding one billion, (2023).

Every 60 minutes, TripAdvisor is added with 7,000 new contributions.

TripAdvisor sites feature 8 million listings on experiences, accommodations, restaurants, airlines, and cruises (2023)

TripAdvisor ranked no. 2 among the "Most visited travel and tourism websites worldwide" with 206.7 million website visits as of June 2023.

Number of visits to TripAdvisor is up 4% in March 2024 compared with March 2023.

TripAdvisor is nearing 900 million registered users.

In 2023, more than 30.2 million reviews were posted by 17.4 million TripAdvisor members.

1.3 million reviews were flagged as fraudulent and subsequently removed.

North Americans use TripAdvisor the most, with 66% coming from the United States, followed by
United Kingdom (2.3%) & Canada (2%).

28% of TripAdvisor users are between the ages of 25 - 34, followed by 35 - 44 year-olds (18%).

TripAdvisors’ has a nearly billion-dollar enterprise.



How many people use TripAdvisor?

There are over 1 billion reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor from around the world as of 2023.

57.5 reviews were uploaded to TripAdvisor every minute in 2022.

35.7 million new travel members were added to the TripAdvisor community in 2022.

Around 17.4 million TripAdvisor members submitted 30.2 million reviews.

1.33 million business listings were created on the platform.

The most searched word on the platform by global travelers was ‘Beach’ at 4.8 million searches.

Closely followed by ‘Resort’ with 3.2 million.

TripAdvisor recorded 1,636 shark-diving, 16,563 ziplining, and 47,015 ghost & vampire tour bookings.

There were over 11M searches for Bangkok, over 43.6M for London, and 20.2M for Las Vegas.

TripAdvisor attracts nearly 400M monthly travelers.

12% of travelers in the US booked hotel & private accommodation using TripAdvisor.

6.5 million new travel itineraries were added to the platform.


In 2022 there were:


31,630,924 photos and videos uploaded to TripAdvisor

3,897,341 Forum posts

30,244,481 reviews submitted.

941,509 questions submitted.


The average rating on the platform increased to 4.34 bubbles out of 5 in 2022.

71.01% of all TripAdvisor reviews have on average 5/5 rating.


11.65% of reviews have 4/5 rating.

5.37% are rated 3/5

4.03% are rated 2/5

7.94% have a rating of 1/5


Italy registered more than 2000 wine tastings and wine tours on the TripAdvisor website.

As of 2022, 387,00 forum threads were created

22 million helpful votes were given and around 16 million 5-bubble reviews were written.

The average length of online reviews of hotels on TripAdvisor is 68 characters.

The hotel ranked no. 1 for offering the best value in Jersey on TripAdvisor is the Merton Hotel.

The hotel ranked no. 1 for offering the best value in Guernsey on TripAdvisor is La Barbarie.

TripAdvisor is arguably one of the most influential travel websites around the world, surpassing 1 billion reviews on roughly 8 million establishments in 2022. The site offers user-generated reviews, trusted by millions – with the platform welcoming 35.7 million new members to the community in 2022 alone.


Source: Coolest Gadgets, Statista


How many fake reviews are on TripAdvisor?

100% of reviews submitted to TripAdvisor are assessed by advanced screening technology

Around 1.3 million reviews were recognized as fake and removed in 2022

A human moderator manually verified 2.3 million reviews to determine whether they should be posted.

In addition, 72% of all fake reviews were reported as fake even before being posted.

Approximately 33,194 properties were penalized for fraud.

The average response time for contested reviews is less than 6 hours.

In addition, 35.87% of reviews were removed, but 64.13% remained posted.

Fake reviews are estimated to account for 8.8% of all reviews on TripAdvisor (2023)


Top 10 Reasons for Removing Posts Excluding Fraud


Repeat Characters – 177,284

Duplicate Submissions – 65,232

Unsupported Language – 49,691

Ineligible experience – 27,111

Commercial – 21,460

Profane or Vulgar – 17,999

Personally Insulting – 11,572

Wrong Listing – 10,886

Listing Update – 10,502

Irrelevant Commentary – 8,942

It is increasingly difficult in recent years to fake reviews to inflate your business’s average rating. TripAdvisor, ensure they crack down on this by using human moderators to read & verify millions of reviews to weed out the fake vs. authentic ones.

Some are easier to spot than others, telltale signs include a new person to the platform, a lot of reviews being added at once, reviews are short or generic or reviews regurgitate the hotel description. Some may be harder to spot, but TripAdvisor have a zero tolerance for fake reviews and their team of moderators are dedicated to spotting and removing them.


Sources: Zippia, Coolest Gadgets, Statista


How do TripAdvisor reviews impact travel decisions?

79% of travelers are likely to read 6 to 12 reviews before choosing a hotel.

58% of travelers will do the same before choosing a restaurant.

More than 50% of travelers are unlikely to book an accommodation unless it has some reviews.

Consumers are 1.5x more likely to be motivated by an online review than by a discount offer.

According to 76% of TripAdvisor users, travel photos submitted by travelers are the leading factor influencing the booking decision.

96% of TripAdvisor travelers prefer to read reviews before planning trips and booking accommodations.

The insight: 1 in every 2 travelers wait to book until they read a hotel’s reviews.

62% of travelers are more likely to book a hotel that responds to reviews.

28% of millennials believe in TripAdvisor reviews.

Travellers research their trips on the platform 1 to 3 months in advance.  

90% of hotel businesses say that TripAdvisor is crucial for their businesses.

76% of users prefer to read a longer review to help make their hotel booking decisions

68% of users are more likely to book after reading a long review. 


Top 3 factors influencing destination choice are:


Natural attractions - 45% 

Cultural or historical landmarks or monuments - 42% 

Museums/ art galleries - 29% 

Reviews have a significant impact on buying decisions and travel is no exception. Around 9 out of 10 users have made buying decisions based on an online review, and nearly 50% of all internet users post online reviews every month. Review sites like TripAdvisor provide an important step in the buying journey, and it is even more critical for businesses to respond to reviews to give travellers confidence, with 62% of people more likely to book a hotel if the business has responded to reviews.  A strategy for both building and responding to reviews is crucial, along with providing a fantastic customer experience.  


Sources: TripAdvisor


What are the demographics of TripAdvisor users?

51.86% of reviews were generated from Europe.

North America contributed 25.21%.

Mobile device traffic represented 62.56% of TripAdvisor website traffic, desktop contributed 37.44%.

TripAdvisor audience is comprised of 48.14% males and 51.86% females.


Visitor Age Breakdown In %


25–34 - 26.66%

35–44 - 19.73%

45–54 - 15.45%

55–64 - 12.92%

65+ - 9.65%


  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India

Website Traffic

  • 102.86 million
  • 7.33 million
  • 4.35 million
  • 4.06 million
  • 3.74 million

TripAdvisor is most popular with those aged 25–34 closely followed by those aged 35 – 44. The United States drives the highest % of visitors at 67.71%, but TripAdvisor is popular around the globe. Considering travel is so popular amongst Gen Z and Millennials, it’s no surprise they make up the highest % of visitors to the platform.


Sources: Passport Photo, Coolest Gadgets, Enterprise Apps Today



How do online reviews influence buying decisions?

Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor are home to a whopping 88% of all online reviews.

As many as 70% of internet users admit to using rating filters when searching for businesses.

The most used filter was for companies with 4-stars and higher.

36% of internet users aged 25 to 34 use online reviews for brand and product research.

Only 1 in 5 companies considered adding reviews to their marketing strategy.

If consumers found out a platform was censoring reviews, 62% of consumers would stop using it.

85% of consumers don’t think reviews older than 3 months are relevant.

40% of those surveyed only cared about reviews less than two weeks old.

Faster review response times are closely linked to having a positive reputation.

Most Visited Travel & Tourism Websites Worldwide as of January 2024


Website visits in millions

  • 565.2 m 
  • 162.4 m
  • 100.9 m
  • 90 m
  • 87.3 m
  • 65 m
  • 64.8 m
  • 64.5 m 
  • 57.6 m
  • 57.4 m
  • 53.9 m
  • 52.4 m 
  • 50.3 m 
  • 49.3 m 
  • 45.5 m 

Online Review Statistics & Building Trust


95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product.

49% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

94% say reviews have made them avoid a business.

97% read reviews for local businesses.

Over 81% of consumers say they are likely to check Google reviews first.

74% of consumers say that reviews increase trust in a company.

68% don’t trust a 5-star rating unless there are more reviews.

4% of users say reading a trusted review makes them more likely to purchase a B2B product.

The average consumer reads 10 reviews before trusting a business.

80% of consumers said they post a review only when “encouraged” to do so by the hotel they stayed at.

92% of users say they will only visit a business that has at least a four-star rating or higher.



Influence of Online Review Statistics


58% of respondents say they are willing to pay more for products that have good reviews.

89% of global consumers say checking online reviews is part of their buying journey.

Positive reviews can increase customer spending by 31%

17% of U.S. online shoppers always check online reviews before purchasing a product.

38% say they are “very important” in helping them decide.

Almost 55% of consumers read at least 4 reviews before purchasing.

Around 44%, admit they read three or fewer consumer reviews.


Negative Online Review Statistics


53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week.

33% customers expect a response within 3 days.

63% of users said that at least one business has never responded to their online reviews.

Around 17 in 20 users will think twice about buying from a company with negative reviews. 

75% of businesses do not respond to their negative reviews.

One negative review can cost a business up to 30 customers.

Making up the deficit can take time and up to 12 new positive reviews to rectify the impact of the one bad review.

Companies who respond to at least 25% of their reviews make 35% more in earnings than unresponsive businesses.

Customers are the biggest voice a business has online, they can make or break a business. After a negative customer experience, 70% of respondents say they will advise their friends and colleagues against buying the product or service in question and 18% would take their issue to social media. It has never been more crucial for businesses to ensure they’re offering a fantastic product or service, along with amazing customer service, and that they are managing their reputation online. A review strategy must be put in place to ensure businesses are building, responding to, and demonstrating their commitment to putting the customer first. If 1 negative review can cost a business up to 30 customers, this is a strategy that businesses need to make a priority.



How does TripAdvisor make money?

In 2022, TripAdvisor generated approximately $1.49B in revenue.

TripAdvisor recovered from big losses in the first two years of COVID-19, recording roughly $20M in net income in 2022.

Tripadvisor’s core segment, covering branded hotels, display, platform, experiences, and dining, totaled $966M in 2022.

TripAdvisor Global Revenue: 2018–2022

  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022

In Millions USD

  • 1,615 m
  • 1,560 m
  • 604 m
  • 902 m
  • 1,492 m

Tripadvisor, Inc. Global Revenue by Region: 2018–2022 (in Million USD)

United States

United Kingdom

All Other Countries





















Tripadvisor, Inc. Global Revenue by Segment: 2020–2022 (in Million USD)

Tripadvisor Core



Intersegment Eliminations
















TripAdvisor’s US revenue, its most lucrative region, rose from $526M in 2021 to about $905M in 2022.

Tripadvisor’s total assets rose from $2.29B in 2021 to about $2.57B in 2022.

In 2023, Tripadvisor's revenue in the U.S. amounted to nearly 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, the highest figure recorded by the company to date.

TripAdvisor earns most of its revenues from online advertising, which includes click-based and subscription-based offerings. Hotels, online travel agencies & operators can advertise on the platform using a cost-per-click model, offering booking links to its travel partners’ websites, which are primarily OTAs and hotels. The platform also charges transaction fees from hotel bookings.


The second segment is Experiences & Dining. TripAdvisor allows users to book tours, experiences, or activities on its platform for a commission and can display them on affiliate partner sites.


The dining segment, TheFork, allows customers to research and book restaurants in popular destinations. Tripadvisor charges transaction fees for bookings done and paid through TheFork’s online reservation system. Tripadvisor also offers B2B services and generates subscription fees for subscription-based advertising to restaurants, access to certain online reservation management services, marketing analytic tools, and menu syndication services.


Sources: Statista, Passport Photo, The Strategy Story


How much market share does TripAdvisor have?

TripAdvisor has a market share of 40.98%

The top three of Tripadvisor’s competitors are:

Airbnb with 30.14%

Expedia with 7.33% with 5.31% market share.

Tripadvisor’s global operating income in 2022 was about $101M.

Total assets rose from $2.29B in 2021 to about $2.57B in 2022.

In 2022 the app ranked 10th in US online travel agency downloads, with about 1.25M on iOS and Google Play. ranked no. 1 with 17.10 million.

Online Bookings for Hotels and Private Accommodations in the US by Brand (as of March 2023)

  • Expedia
  • Airbnb
  • Priceline
  • Trivago
  • Travelocity
  • TripAdvisor
  • Vrbo

In %

  • 35%
  • 31%
  • 31%
  • 29%
  • 15%
  • 13%
  • 12%
  • 12%
  • 8%
  • 8% generates the highest percentage of online bookings within this sector, with TripAdvisor coming in 3rd. TripAdvisor is best known as being a site for users to submit ratings and reviews and is used for decision-making and planning travel. It has evolved over the years to introduce end-to-end services whereby users can research a destination, book a hotel, and experiences without having to leave the platform. The bulk of their revenue comes from CPC & display advertising. uses the same business model as a traditional travel agency and is based on commissions. This is a key difference between and TripAdvisor. On, hotels pay for ranking higher with a higher commission; these are much higher costs than CPC advertising. In addition to this, offering hotel rooms on a commission basis has the benefit of not owning the inventory, this reduces the risk of unsold inventory and means they don’t have cash tied up.


Sources: Green System, Statista