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Please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

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101 Reasons why it's BETTER BY SEA

Go by sea and fall in love with the most adventurous way to travel.

Stunning sea views, exclusive seat upgrades and money-saving bargains in the onboard duty free shop are just a few reasons to travel by ferry for your next trip. In case you need to be enticed further, read through our 101 reasons to travel by sea below!

1. Pack your car and go

It’s THAT easy.

2. Limits? What limits?

Travelling without luggage restrictions gives you the freedom and flexibility to take exactly what you need for your holiday – and that’s per person!

3. Grab a bargain

Save up to 40% off UK high street prices on your favourite brands, across fragrance, beauty products, top tech, gifts, confectionery, wines, spirits and tobacco.

4. Step outside and explore on deck

Onboard Condor Liberation, you can take all the time you like to go to the deck and take in the stunning views along the way.

5. Breeeaaathe

You won’t need to deal with the constricting feeling you get when you travel by air – you’ll have plenty of room to breathe.

6. Go sightseeing

As you depart from Poole, you’ll enjoy stunning views including a huge natural harbour, Brownsea Island, Sandbanks, and Old Harry Rocks.

7. Stay connected

High-speed Wi-Fi is available onboard to help you keep connected as you travel.

8. Keep the little ones entertained

Take your youngsters to the kids’ area where they can watch a movie or two to help them relax during the sea crossing.

9. Delicious! 

Indulge in a delicious, freshly cooked traditional English breakfast – the perfect way to start your day, and your trip!

10. The best fish and chips

Crispy, fresh, and all things yummy! Indulge in our most popular meal onboard: the classic fish and chips.

11. Draught beer!

Need we say more?

12. Don't leave them behind!

Going on your holiday by sea means that you can take your car and take the whole family with you, including the family pet.

13. Not even when you go by foot

Taking your pet when you travel on foot is easy too! There’s no reason to leave the family pet behind if you don’t want to.

14. Pack it all in 

Don’t forget your favourite outfits, fun family games and toys for the little ones. You can take anything you could possibly need for your holiday.

15. Even your holiday nice-to-haves

If you’re going on an adventure holiday, you can even take your own equipment for activities like golf, surfing or anything else you’ll need.

16. Take your friends - all of them! 

Going by sea is a great idea for a group trip. Whether you’re going on tour around Brittany or exploring the Channel Islands, it’s an even better holiday experience with a crowd of friends.

17. Taking the family on holiday won't break the bank

Organizing a family holiday becomes much more affordable when you go by sea, leaving you extra money to spend on making memories with your loved ones.

18. We make it easy

Anyone who’s travelled by air as a family with young kids can attest to how difficult it can be. When you travel by sea, we make it much easier thanks to comfortable table seats, a kids’ area and more.

19. Extra leg room as standard

You won’t need to worry about paying for extra leg room. Even our standard seats leave you with plenty of space.

20. Shop to your heart's content

You can relax and enjoy a real shopping experience onboard without the stress and worry that comes with making sure you get to your departure gate on time.

21. Boarding is stress-free

Boarding one of our ferries is an easy and simple process that won’t get you stressed out.

22. No more waiting around 

Collecting your baggage after your sailing is super quick, helping you get to the next step of your holiday that much faster.

23. No awkward 'excuse me's'

Going by sea means no more asking people to move, or having to move, for loo visits.

24. Coach transfers are a thing of the past

Need to make your way to your hotel after your ferry crossing? Take your car and you won’t have to deal with a coach transfer that calls at every other hotel along the way.

25. The real deal

Condor Ferries is the only cross-channel ferry brand still offering genuine duty free savings on a huge range of your favourites.

26. An enjoyable dining experience

Relaxing and enjoying your meal is so important. Our at-seat tables make having breakfast, lunch or dinner while you travel a better experience.

27. Best-in-class beauty advice

Get the best advice from our highly trained beauty experts on which cosmetics or skin-care products are best for you.

28. Try before you buy 

You can test a new product in the shop across categories like perfume and skincare, with tastings for some premium spirits coming soon in 2019!

29. Packing without the hassle

If you find yourself struggling to close a suitcase, you can leave your worries behind – just pack another!

30. When we say recline, we mean it 

Planning to snooze away your sailing? We’ve got you covered with a comfortable reclining seat option.

31. In good company

You don’t have to pay extra to sit with your group of nearest and dearest.

32. A scene for socialising 

Table seats make the journey more sociable by sea. Spend time catching up with your friends and family without having to stand awkwardly in an airplane aisle.


33. A cycling adventure

Take your bike and get ready to explore one of our ferry destinations in the most exciting way.

34. Stress-free packing

Stressing about whether you’ve gone over the weight allowance for your baggage is a thing of the past with ferry travel.

35. Seamless check-in

You won’t ever need to worry about being asked to remove items from your suitcase because your bag is ‘too heavy’.

36. Shop the time away

Can’t wait to get to your destination? Go shopping in the Adore duty free shop to help the time go by – it’ll feel like you’re getting there quicker.

37. An inclusive attitude

At Condor Ferries, we try our best to be as inclusive as possible with our onboard facilities, including an area for disabled toilets.

38. Savings, savings, savings! 

Big savings on our duty free bargains will make you feel like you’ve gotten even more value out of your journey.

39. Aching ears won't be a problem

Your ears won’t be hurting because there won’t be a change in altitude when you go by sea.

40. Bon appétit

Once you’ve ordered your food you can relax and enjoy your meal in comfortable and stress-free surroundings.

41. A soothing environment

If your baby’s crying you can get up and walk them around the spacious onboard areas instead of just an aisle to soothe them.

42. Walk around, take a break

If someone else’s baby is crying and you want to give your ears a rest, you can escape it.

43. At your leisure

Feel like walking around the cabin? Or going shopping in Adore? How about heading to the deck for some fresh air? No problem! Onboard, you also can eat when you choose.

44. Sit back and relax

You’ll have a range of seating to choose from to help you enjoy your sailing even more.

45. Local is best

We proudly service Guernsey and Jersey, so you’ll be happy to find a selection of locally source products onboard.

46. Stretch those legs

Without needing to worry about announcements asking you to get back to your seat, you’ll have the freedom and space to stretch your legs whenever you like.

47. Take your pick

Thinking of adding something extra to your sailing? We have a seating option to suit everyone, from the exclusive Club Class to a range of cabins.

48. An upgrade that won't break the bank

If you do decide to upgrade your seat, you’ll be relaxed knowing that it won’t triple your fare.

49. Quick 'n' easy

If you decide to upgrade your seat once onboard, it’s a quick an easy process; just head to our information desks.

50. Take in those stunning views 

Condor Liberation’s Horizon Lounge is perfect for taking in the stunning sea views as you travel, thanks to its huge windows.

51. Within your reach

You can keep your hand luggage ‘handy’ while you travel. You won’t have to worry about overhead compartments and trying to find a space for your things.

52. Fly drives are a thing of the past

Taking your car and going by sea to your destination is the best way to avoid the costs and irritating waiting time of a fly drive booking.

53. Quality face time

Travelling by sea is the furthest thing from a chore thanks to the social atmosphere in which you can spend quality time with family and friends.

54. Space to soothe the little ones

In case your kids need a bit of soothing and comfort during your crossing, you can easily wheel your pushchair around the ship.

55. Live signal 

When you go by sea, you’ll have phone signal at both ends of the journey to help you stay in touch before logging into our Wi-Fi.

56. Trivia time!

There’s a fun silent quiz to take part in while you’re onboard, to help you sharpen your trivia skills.

57. Don't pay for something you already own

Going by sea means you can take your car and avoid those annoying car-hire fees.

58. You won't find sneaky extras here

There won’t be any hidden extras in your fare. Everything is included depending on what you add to your sailing while you book.

59. Relaxation...

When you travel by sea, the atmosphere is set up for your relaxation time.

60. Less queuing

Enjoy a seamless check-in and boarding process without all those tedious queues.

61. All the space in the world

Relax in comfortable surroundings with plenty of space for you to enjoy your sailing.

62. No overhead locker dramas 

You won’t need to worry about opening those overhead lockers with care because all your things are within an arm’s reach and not stowed away.

63. Airplane food? No thanks. 

‘Here’s your freshly cooked, delicious and caringly prepared airplane food.’ -Said no one, ever.

64. Bring it all onboard  

As you go through check-in, you won’t need to worry about how many milliliters of liquid you’re carrying, you can bring it all onboard.

65. Checking in is easy

Whether you’re travelling as a car or foot passenger, checking in for your sailing is quick and easy.

66. Quicker security

We’ve all been in the position where security at an airport has taken over half an hour – and none of us have ever enjoyed it. Long security checks become a distant memory with sea travel.

67. Easy access

Getting to the ports we sail from is easy and you won’t need to wait in long queues of cars to get to the port.

68. Relaxing environment for everyone 

Avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy airport and begin your journey at a much quieter ferry port.

69. Stress-free times before boarding

Worrying about getting to your gate on time is something you won’t ever encounter when travelling by sea. No rush, no stress!

70. Getting to the port terminal is easy

You won’t need to worry about catching an airport car park bus when you travel by sea. Just drive to the port, and you’re there!

71. Take your car and save!

If you travel with us as a car passenger, you’ll save time and money by avoiding those long-term car park fees at airports.

72. The search is over

Forget about the worry of finding a luggage trolley. It’s one more thing that won’t be on your mind when you travel by sea.

73. Lost luggage anxiety is a thing of the past

You’ll be able to rest assured knowing your luggage won’t get lost when you travel by ferry.

74. Our best fares

Going by sea is usually cheaper than air travel. So, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made the best choice to suit your budget.

75. See Harry Redknapp's house!

As you sail past Sandbanks on your way out of Poole, you’ll get the chance to see the football manager and I’m A Celebrity winner’s house!

76. Spot the wildlife

As you set out on your ferry crossing, head to the deck and be on the lookout for wildlife and marine life on your journey.

77. Get the fresh breeze into your system

For a quick break from the cabin setting, you can easily go outside for some fresh air.

78. Use your devices freely

You won’t need to worry about hearing that announcement saying that you can’t use your laptops, tablets or other devices as you leave and arrive into each port.

79. Who needs airplane mode? 

Use your devices the way you want, without the need for airplane mode.

80. We'll charge your device for you  

Upgrade your seat to the Horizon Lounge or Club Class to benefit from at-seat charging with 3 pin plugs.

81. Onboard bars

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or toasting the start of your holiday, grab a drink from our onboard bars and enjoy!

82. We'll buzz you when it's ready

Upgrade your seat to the Horizon Lounge or Club Class to benefit from at-seat charging with 3 pin plugs.

83. Get your hand on some travel exclusives

Head to the Adore duty free shop to browse our range of travel exclusive products that you won’t find on the high street.

84. The best way of arriving into Guernsey

Nothing beats the stunning view of arriving into St Peter Port’s picturesque harbour on arrival into Guernsey.

85. Get excited for your holiday

Arriving by ferry is the best way to arrive at Guernsey or Jersey and get you excited for your holiday to begin.

86. Beaches!

As soon as you set eyes on Jersey’s and Guernsey’s stunning coastline, you’ll immediately get excited for your adventure to begin.

87. Awaken the senses

Nothing beats the feeling of that fresh sea breeze against your face as you step out on deck.

88. All the options 

On an airplane you get the food you’re given. Onboard Condor Ferries, you choose what you want, and we promise it will be tasty!

89. Check on them and keep them company

Depending on the weather, you can visit your pet to check they’re okay during your sea voyage.

90. It's all about the quality

Nothing beats the quality of a freshly cooked hot meal for you to tuck into as you sail away to your destination of choice.

91. Students rejoice!

Travelling with Condor Ferries means there’s even a student discount available.

92. One less thing to worry about 

For our domestic sailings between the UK, Guernsey and Jersey, you won’t need to worry about getting your pet a pet passport.

93. An authentic experience 

Escape the rigidness and monotony of air travel and go for the authentic feeling of setting out on a journey by sea


94. The perfect remedy 

If your sea legs aren’t so steady, you can go outside for some fresh air to get you back on your feet.

95. We've got the specials

On top of our great variety of meals, snacks and drinks to choose from on our menu, there are daily specials in the onboard restaurants you can have too.

96. Pick and choose

You’ll have the freedom to walk up to the bistro and select what you want to eat from the wide range available.

97. Squeaky clean

Onboard, you’ll find helpful facilities for you to change your baby with ease and flexibility.

98. No awkward queuing 

When you travel by sea, you won’t have to spend time awkwardly queueing up down the airplane’s aisle waiting to use the loo.

99. Won't need to wait long

More onboard facilities than an airplane means that even on a busy sailing, you won’t need to wait long to visit the restroom.

100. Easy access

Helping our passengers with reduced mobility, there are wheelchair friendly lifts to our passenger lounges.

101. But first...

Take a selfie on the deck for a unique backdrop you’ll only get while travelling by sea.