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Condor Voyager

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Condor Voyager is the latest addition to our fleet. Owned by Brittany Ferries, and leased to Condor, the high-speed catamaran previously sailed as Normandie Express and has seen regular service between the UK and France over the past few years.


The ship will be based in St Malo and take over sailings from Condor Rapide, serving Jersey, Guernsey and the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions below for everything you need to know about the newest addition to our fleet, Condor Voyager.


How big is Condor Voyager?

Condor Voyager is 98m long and 26m wide.

How many passengers can Condor Voyager carry?

Her maximum capacity is 850 passengers.

How many cars does Condor Voyager have capacity for?

She can carry 235 cars.

How fast is Condor Voyager?

Her maximum speed is 42 knots.

Where does she sail to?

Condor Voyager will operate from her St Malo base to Jersey, Guernsey and the UK.

Are dogs allowed on board?

Transporting your pets between the UK and Channel Islands in your car is permitted. Transporting pets between France and the Channel Islands must comply with the PET Travel Scheme. It is not possible to travel on foot with pets on our international routes.

When was Condor Voyager/Normandie Express Built?

Condor Voyager was built in Tasmania, Australia in 2000.

What facilities are on board?

Condor Voyager has two bars, a café and duty free shop.

Is there Wifi on board?

Yes we offer a Wifi service on Voyager.

How many restaurants and bars does the ship have?

Condor Voyager has two bars, a café, and duty free shop.

What are the differences between Condor Rapide & Condor Voyager?


Rapide - 1997

Voyager - 2000


Rapide - 86 metres

Voyager - 98 metres


Rapide - 175 cars

Voyager - 235 cars


Rapide - 741 passengers

Voyager - 850 passengers


Voyager Seats are standard reclining seats, included with your ticket price. These are not allocated so you can choose where you want to sit when you arrive onboard.

Please review our seating options here.

Condor Voyager is a proven cross Channel ship and is larger than the ship she replaces – Condor Rapide – so can carry a greater number of cars and passengers.


She sails at 42 knots and we are sure her large interior and wide open spaces will prove popular with passengers.


Sea travel is also a safe and convenient way of getting around post-Covid. Added to that, Jersey and Guernsey are perfect for a staycation or for those wishing to be a little more adventurous this summer.