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Dolphin watching

A day out with MARINElife

Condor Ferries supports MARINElife, a Dorset based charity that conducts surveys and records sightings of marine and bird life to aid conservation. Join a MARINElife wildlife officer onboard as many marine animals and birds can be spotted from the ferry, so imagine what you might catch a glimpse of with an expert, a good pair of binoculars and a little patience.

Cast your eyes over the English Channel and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a group of mammals. Even though the channel is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world it is also home to a variety of whales, dolphins and birds.


By using the promotional code MARINE19 from 1st April on your day trip to Guernsey, you will receive £10 off per adult and £5 off per child. A donation of £5 per booking will also be contributed to MARINElife. Please see the following dates available for an exciting MARINElife day trip to Guernsey:
12/04/2019, 15/04/2019, 26/04/2019, 01/05/2019, 01/05/2019, 10/05/2019, 15/05/2019, 23/05/2019, 29/05/2019, 07/06/2019, 11/06/2019, 17/06/2019, 27/06/2019, 02/07/2019, 16/07/2019, 24/07/2019, 29/07/2019, 12/08/2019, 22/08/2019, 27/08/2019, 05/09/2019, 10/09/2019, 19/09/2019, 25/09/2019, 03/10/2019, 09/10/2019. This promotion has now ended, please come back soon for 2020 dates.

What to look out for on-board Condor’s Liberation travelling from Poole to Guernsey with a MARINElife Wildlife Officer

Join us for a memorable day trip to Guernsey in the company of a MARINElife Wildlife Officer (WLO). You will find the WLO wearing a blue and white Hi-Viz vest on the upper outside viewing deck prior to departure from Poole.



 Discover the wildlife on and around the Lagoon on Brownsea Island as we cruise by. We may also find our inshore Bottlenose Dolphins that frequently visit Poole Harbour.

As we pass ‘Old Harry’ rocks, we’ll head out into the English Channel where we may find Common Dolphin and Harbour Porpoise plus a variety of seabirds not easily seen from land!

We have also seen Minke Whale and Risso’s Dolphin in the Channel, especially near Alderney.
As we approach and pass Alderney, you will wonder at the sight of the Gannet colony (in breeding season) on ‘Ortac Rock’ and ‘Les Etacs’ behind.



During the months of July and September we will be looking for the critically endangered Balearic Shearwater which come here to feed and moult after they have bred.

As we head into Saint Peters Port, look out for the resident Bottlenose Dolphin and harbour Porpoise plus Shags and other coastal birds; see if you can spot a Mediterranean Gull amongst the Black-headed Gulls.

Now enjoy around three and a half hours to explore the beautiful sight of Saint Peters Port before returning to look for more wondrous wildlife on the journey home.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!