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Savvy Shopping in Westquay Southampton

Westquay is the shopping hub of the south coast, situated in Southampton and just a short trip from Condor Ferries arrival ports of Poole or Portsmouth. It’s the perfect all-in-one shopping trip destination while visiting the UK and has something for everyone.

Spread across three levels, it boasts over 130 shops, bringing fashion, beauty, homewares and eateries together under one roof. Popular stores John Lewis and Marks & Spencer sit alongside top fashion retailers including French Connection, Karen Millen, Zara and River Island. Together with iconic brands such as Apple, Hollister and All Saints, Westquay offers perfect shopping for all ages. And, if you love IKEA, it’s right next door!
But before you head there, we’ve put together a few quick and easy Westquay shopping tips for you.


Know where to park
This tip is a bit of a local lifesaver. IKEA and Westquay sit next to each other, and if you park on the 7th floor of the Westquay car park, you can walk straight across the bridge to the main shopping area or go in the other direction to IKEA. You’re welcome!


Price matching

Before you splash out on that new dress you’ve seen in the store, take a quick look online to find a cheaper deal which could save you money. Some stores offer to price match the same product if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, and it’s always worth asking.


Look out for freebies
Like most big shopping centres, Westquay is host to many large brands all fighting for customers to try their products. A lot of the time, particularly during weekends, you’ll see food stalls such as Millie’s Cookies or Boost Juice bar giving away free samples of their products. It’s worth grabbing these goodies to keep you going throughout the day.


Get the app
Get ready for your next favourite app! Westquay PLUS is one you’ll love and for good reason. It’s packed with a lot of information, but you’ll find offers available exclusively through the app. Free coffees, big discounts and prizes are regularly spotted – so make sure you download it before spending anything unnecessarily.


• Exclusive offers and rewards

• Style seeker

• News about Westquay

• RSVP to special events

• General centre info – travel, opening times, car parking and more

• Restaurant booking

• Exclusive competitions

• Interactive map

• Real-time in-centre offer alerts

• Shop and restaurant directory

• Buy Westquay gift cards


Dodge the queues for restaurants legitimately
There’s a bit of a sneaky way of beating the queues at busy and popular places, especially eateries in shopping centres, so listen closely. Google’s popular times section shows you exactly when a certain store or restaurant is going to be busy. Google uses your mobile phone’s GPS location signals and WiFi to determine where its users are. So, next time you are planning a trip, find the best time to head to your favourite places and save waiting around.

Speaking of food, the list of stylish restaurants, cafés and places to grab a snack is huge and includes YO! Sushi, Nando’s, Five Guys, Wagamama, Harry Ramsden, Prêt a Manger, Krispy Kreme’s and more. We’d recommend heading over to Bill’s for some fresh, seasonal food. The Bill’s sharing plate is a particular favourite!


Getting there

By car
From Poole - 1 hour From Portsmouth - 35 mins

By train
Poole Rail Station to
Southampton Central - 47 mins Portsmouth to
Southampton Central - 29 mins