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St Malo Market

A Taste of ST MALO

Standing proud on the shore, its walls rising out of the sea, the walled city of St Malo provides an unforgettable sight as your ferry arrives at the Gare Maritime. Heading ashore, it’s natural that you will want to head east, towards the Intra Muros section of this old maritime community. However, if it’s food you are after, it may be worth taking your time to choose between the many parts of this town, all of which offer fine food from restaurants that suit all budgets.

One way to help you decide where in St Malo you’d like to go, is to head to the local market. Six days a week stallholders appear in town selling the freshest food from the sea and local farms. Oysters, fish, cheeses, cold meats and wines are just a few of the products on offer, all of them bringing an authentic taste of the best that France, and Brittany in particular, have to offer. 


A visit to the local market is a fantastic way to work up an appetite before heading off for a picnic with the food you’ve just bought or choosing a restaurant in which to spend the next few hours.


St Malo and the surrounding areas are a gastronome’s delight. Whether you select a restaurant within the city walls or just need to fill up before continuing your journey by car or train, there are fine restaurants everywhere, some that demand you stop and stay for hours, others which are more suited to a quick meal. Whichever you choose, you can guarantee that your taste buds will be delighted.


If you head within the walls, you’ll find it’s impossible to miss the city’s restaurants. The moment you step through the main gates, with Grand Rue ahead of you, you’ll see excellent restaurants to the right, the left and straight on. The only reason there are none behind you, is because your back is to the sea! If you get no further into the town, you won’t be disappointed but feel free to be adventurous, there’s a huge selection of cafés, crêperies and restaurants wherever you wander.

St Malo Food st-malo-food  

Outside the walls, St Servan offers some wonderful dining experiences particularly along the Quai Solidor, which offers lovely views of the River Rance as you dine in style. Alternatively you could leave St Malo and head 20 minutes out of town for Cancale, a delightful fishing port awash with excellent seafood restaurants and famous for its delicious oysters, served fresh from the sea.


Wherever you choose to go, St Malo is a culinary box of delights, there’s much to discover with the only limit being your own sense of adventure!