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9 Things You Can Only Do in St Malo

9 Things you can only do in St Malo

The spirit of ancient Brittany lives on in St Malo. Go back in time to the days of the pirates and global explorers in the walled city or gaze out to the ocean before returning to your comfortable hotel or apartment. Here are 9 things that you can only do in St Malo. Tick these off your St Malo bucket list for a true French experience.

St Malo City (48).JPG

1. Visit Chateaubriand Square

A great place to start your stay in St Malo. The paved square lies next to the entrance of the Old Town and is full of welcoming outdoor bars, restaurants and hotels. There is also a few stalls where you can pick up some souvenirs and paintings.

Condor - St Malo_0076_0552.jpg

2. Walk Around the Ramparts

The Ramparts give you the opportunity to see Saint Malo in all its glory. You will be able to view the city from many different angles. The best place to start is south of the castle at Saint-Vincent Gate. The 2km walkway allows you to see many statues, 3 of the pristine beaches and many more interesting things.

Yannick Le Gal St Malo  (3).jpg

3. Dive at the beach 

St Malo’s Bon-Secours Beach offers plenty of activities that are fun for all of the family. Whether that’s taking a dip in the sea or enjoying one of the diving boards in the seawater swimming pool. The views here are unmatched and the perfect place to enjoy a family day out.


4. See Fort National

Constructed at the end of the 17th Century, the fort sits on the tiny Rock Islet, only 300m from St Malo Old Town. The fort is open to visitors from June to September and is worth the trip for the breath-taking views that it offers of the sea and Old Town.

Condor - St Malo_0128_0062.jpg

5. Dine at Le Chalut

Le Chalut is a 1-star Michelin restaurant that is nestled in the heart of St Malo’s Old Town. The restaurant offers a friendly atmosphere that you can feel as soon as you walk in. The food is delectable yet despite its popularity and fame, this restaurant remains affordable.

St Malo City (47).JPG

6. Bar Hop in the Old Town

St Malo is full of fun & lively bars where you can enjoy a night cap (or two). Some of our favourites include Le Belle Époque, a welcoming bar that serves a selection of locally brewed beer and homemade rums, La Fabrique where you can enjoy original and traditional cocktails as well as the quirky décor and Ar Koad, the home of Whisky, here you will find whiskies from all over the globe as well as the locally distilled Naguelann. (1)

7. Visit Grand Bé 

This islet is only a stones’ throw from the ramparts and can only be accessed during low tide (you’ll see the fort flying a French flag to indicate that it’s safe to cross). The islet was used during WWII for German gun emplacements and is home to the infamous writer Chateaubriand’s final resting place.


8. Take a ride on Carrousel Malounin

This is one for the kids (or the big kids at heart!), the nostalgic carousel is decorated with scenes from Saint-Malo’s history. The carousel is open year-round and can be enjoyed for only €2.50, so hop on and go round-and-round to the jolly tunes of the calliope.

St Malo City (11).JPG

9. Explore Intra Muros

The heart of Saint Malo, lose yourself amongst the small alleys, historic buildings and stunning cobbled streets. The area is teeming with lively bars, elegant restaurants and exclusive boutiques. Whether its shopping ‘til you drop or people watching, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy in Intra Muros.