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Please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

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Top Things to do in St Aubin Jersey

St Aubin is an enchanting fishing village on one of the island’s natural harbours, filled with charming cobbled streets, gorgeous panoramic views and historic buildings. Don’t miss out on this village’s charm and make sure to pencil it in your Jersey to-do list. Browse our holidays to Jersey here and if you're looking to stay in this charming fishing village browse our hotels in St Aubin.  

St Aubins fort 2.jpg

St Aubin's Fort

St Aubin’s Fort was originally a tower built in the 1540’s to protect the natural harbour, and then extended to a fort during the time of the English Civil War. When the tide is out, you can walk out to the fort and although access is restricted, the views back to St Aubin’s Bay are breath-taking. The fort is currently being used for several youth projects going on around Jersey so you may find a group of youngsters sailing or kayaking around the fort’s waters.

No1 St Aubin’s Boutique

The No1 St Aubin’s Boutique is a must-visit for anyone who loves high-quality authentic goods, and here you’ll find timeless classics that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. With French and Italian inspired styles, the boutique has everything you need whether you are looking for an entire wardrobe update or looking for a little accessory to remind yourself of your Jersey adventures.

harbour gallery.jpg

Harbour Gallery Jersey

The Harbour Gallery in St Aubin is the biggest exhibiting, working and selling art gallery in the Channel Islands. The gallery is managed by the Jersey charity, Art in the Frame Foundation and showcases the work of over 70 local artists across 3 floors. As well as being a beautiful place to celebrate the art of the islanders, the gallery also provides art education for all ages, so if you are looking to improve your art knowledge, it is worth checking it out.


La Belle Gourmand Delicatessen

La Belle Gourmand is the place to go in St Aubin for some high-quality deli goods. It is the perfect place to pick up a picnic, or some nibbles to keep you going throughout the day. La Belle Gourmand is a luxury delicatessen with goods sourced from Une Normande a Londres at Borough Market and cheese sourced from the gorgeous neighbouring countries of France and Corsica. If you fancy sitting in, the onsite café serves up the delicious offerings for a fantastic breakfast, snack or lunch.

tides restaurant.jpg

Tides Restaurant

Tides Restaurant is part of the Sommerville Hotel yet its delicious food and warm hospitality has its own reputation and makes it a must-visit place in Jersey. Sitting in the modern and elegant restaurant, you can enjoy the views of the waves ebbing and flowing in St Aubin’s bay. The menu has a modern British theme, showcasing the fantastic flavours from local ingredients including fresh seafood and meat.