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Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Jersey

Dogs are part of the family, so it is important to know which beaches in Jersey we can and can’t take our furry friends. You need to clean up after your dog otherwise you may face a hefty fine of up to £500. Dog-friendly beaches are vital because a lot more of us are taking our dogs on our family holidays, so we scoured Jersey’s coastlines to find the best sandy spots that don’t have dog restrictions. Dogs are always permitted on these beaches but must be kept on a lead between 10:30 am to 6 pm May 1st to September 30th.

Rozel Beach.jpg

1. Rozel

The soft white sand when the tide is out and the charming harbour at Rozel is perfect for dogs! The lovely beach has very little parking, so it might be worth coming with your dog during the Autumn/Winter months instead. Your furry friend can avoid the crowds and have plenty of room to roam around. A trip to this beach is a great day out as there are lots of charming things to see to keep you and your canine friend entertained.

Grevé de Lecq.jpg

2. Greve de Lecq

Greve de Lecq is a popular destination for dog walkers because it is very accessible and there is a vast expanse of sand for your dogs to play. Start your morning off by having a delicious breakfast at Colleen’s café whilst your dog quenches their thirst with water from the available dog bowl. This beach can fill up in the summer months so it’s worth taking your dog early in the day and, if you are after a long scenic route there are also some great cliff walks nearby.


3. Archirondel

Archirondel is an awesomelocation to bring your pooch! When the tide is out the beach is incredibly secluded for the dogs to play and they can even help explore in the nearby rock pools. It is a fantastic place to walk if your dog is obsessed with the water and enjoys bouncing through the waves! Whilst your dog is digging in the sand and catching balls you can take in the stunning surrounding views. Whether you are walking in rain or shine, we can guarantee your dog will love it here.

Dog on beach .jpg

4. Beauport

Beauport Bay is a heavenly destination if you want to admire the views on your dog walk! There are no lifeguards on duty and there are very few facilities which make it ideal for dog walkers as it is often quiet. There are a couple of walking options to get down to the beach, you could either head down to the beach via a long stairway or follow the path along the cliff top if you want to take your hound on a longer adventure.

Bouley Bay.jpg

5. Bouley Bay

Often described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Jersey, Bouley Bay is incredibly relaxing and perfect if you want to clear your head whilst on your dog walk. You can hike east for an enjoyable walk along the rocky coastline where you head past L’Etacqueral Fort towards White Rock, it is a great chance to explore Jersey’s rugged North coast. You could also take your fur baby for a sizeable walk between Bouley Bay and Bonne Nuit (this can be steep and rocky in places).

Grouville Bay.jpg

6. Grouville Bay

Grouville Bay is a fan favourite amongst dog walkers because you can see the stunning Mont Orgueil Castle in the horizon meaning you can enjoy the spectacular views whilst your dog enjoys the vast waters. The long stretch of golden sand makes this destination a dog digging dream with loads of room to play catch! There is plenty of room for dogs to roam around and there is parking and amenities nearby if you’re intending to spend a day here.

St. Ouen’s Bay.jpg

7. St. Ouen’s Bay

With miles of sand, this is a scenic and roomy beach to take your dog. The Sand Dunes is a very popular walk amongst dog walkers. Once you are at the top of the dune path you can get full panoramic views of St Ouen’s Bay and you can then head down to the beach off the Le Braye Slip. It is a circular walk that can be done casually or at high-intensity you can even stop off at an eatery along the way!

St Brelade’s Bay Beach.jpg

8. St. Brelade’s Bay

During the summer St Brelade’s Bay is a hotspot for a day out but in the winter, it is a picturesque location to unwind with your dog. Ouaisne Bay can be reached from St Brelade’s Bay and makes for a great dog walk - walk up a short hill and make your way through a beautiful wooded coastal route to get on your way to Ouaisne Bay. Finish your walk with a stop at the dog-friendly Smugglers' Inn for a quick pint.


See our hotels in St Brelade to stay in this fantastic location. 

Bonne Nuit.jpg

9. Bonne Nuit

Bonne Nuit is the ideal location to see the sun dip below the horizon at dusk, a captivating setting to take your dog. The small natural harbour has limited parking so it is best to take your pet in the evenings or winter months, when your furry friend can get the most out of their dog walk. If you fancy stopping for a bite to eat the Bonne Nuit Beach Café is dog friendly, they use the freshest ingredients and local seafood throughout the year!

Green Island.jpg

10. Green Island

Green Island beach is very popular amongst the locals and is the southern-most point of Jersey. This beach is considered a sheltered suntrap, so it may be best to take your dog down here during the cooler months, so they don’t get too hot. Green Island offers a tropical vibe with its white sand and clear waters. If you decide to walk to La Motte, make sure you check the tide times as you don’t want to be cut off by the tide!

Havre des Pas (only one I could find).jpg

11. Havre des Pas Beach

Havre des Pas is a short distance from St Helier so if you are on a holiday away with your dog and situated in the city centre this is only a short 10-minute walk. The promenade runs the length of this gorgeous beach, perfect for walking away the summery days. The kids can take a dip in the Victorian bathing pool whilst the dog splashes around in the waters on the nearby beach. There is often as lot of seaweed exposed during low tide so it’s worth checking the tide times.

Plémont Beach (with surfer).jpg

12. Plemont

Plemont is best experienced during low tide when a vast expanse of sand is revealed for your dogs to run around. This striking beach has hidden caves and rockpools that your canine friend can explore with the kids - an adventure is waiting here. There is also beautiful coastal walk from Plemont to Greve de Lecq as you get beautiful views of Paternosters or Pierres de Lecq (uninhabitable rocks between Jersey and Sark).

Portelet Bay Beach.jpg

13. Portelet Bay

Portelet Bay is incredibly charming and great for dog walks but please be aware that there are steep steps from the clifftop. The bay is often secluded with crystal clear waters and the view of Janvrin’s Tomb can be admired whilst walking along the stretch. Dogs are welcome in the bar area and outside area of the local Portelet Inn. Canine companionships should not be restricted on holiday so make the most of the time spent with the whole of your family at Portelet Bay.

Anne Port.jpg

14. Anne Port

If your dog doesn't like sand, Anne Port is a relatively small beach full of stones which you can throw into the water for your dogs to race after. The beach is a dog’s paradise for ball chasing and leaping in and out of crashing waves. It is rarely busy, so your pooch won’t be limited to a lead, it is also a wonderful location if you are after a beautiful morning walk with a bit of sunshine. You could even join your canine pal in the water!