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Please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

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Jersey Corbiere Lighthouse with Condor Ferries

Capture the NIGHT

Join the professional photographers from Jersey War Tours on an evening photography tour.

Looking for something a little different to do as the evening draws in over the Channel Islands largest cohort, Jersey? Always fancied yourself as somewhat of an amateur photographer? Well why not sign up for an evening photography tour with local based business Jersey War Tours. Their workshop takes place over 2½ hours and you’ll visit some strikingly beautiful locations as you are guided through the basics of evening photography.


Photography Tours Jersey photography-tours-jersey

The Jersey War Tour Professional Photographers Kimberley and Phil offer an introduction to night time landscape, seascape and basic light painting photography, tailoring the experience to your capabilities. All levels of photographers are welcome, from those completely new to the art, to those of you who want to learn new techniques and hone existing skills. A basic understanding of your equipment is all that is required to make the most of your evening, however if you consider yourself already an experienced photographer, the tour guides will ensure you visit suitable locations to enhance your opportunities to take incredible photos.


The evening workshop begins by picking you up from a mutually arranged location, and Kimberley and Phil will discuss with you what you want to see and photograph before taking you to a selection of sites around Jersey from castles, to forts, towers and bunkers. Many of the locations chosen by Jersey War Tours are not usually lit up at night, and Kimberley and Phil teach you how to light up a completely dark scene yourself, using nothing but the exposure triangle on your camera and torches - presenting a unique photo opportunity. Their goal at every level of the workshop is to give you the information you need to continue night photography on your own as a hobby, or professionally, after the tour.


Each night can be completely different from the last, and as a result there is no set rule on which settings to use for evening photography. At the beginning of each tour, the guides will help you set up your equipment based on current conditions, and teach you which settings would suit certain weather and light conditions for future night photography outings.


The workshop covers an array of evening photography skills from understanding the fundamentals of night photography (including aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings), to focusing in the dark, minimising noise and the fundamentals of using different lighting tools and techniques to light your foreground.


The tour will also offer an introduction to basic creative light painting and how to create dazzling star trails. The Channel Islands score low on light pollution, and dark-as-carbon night skies sprinkled with stand-out stars are guaranteed in the rural parts of Jersey. Depending on the Luna cycle, the workshop will cover how to use the moon, moonrise and moonset in your photographs.


This is a unique opportunity to see the beautiful island of Jersey in a completely different light, and capture it forever. All DSLR, Compact System and Bridge Cameras are suitable for the workshop.


Tours cost £30 a person, and the ticket prices all help Jersey War Tours to fund research of the Second World War and Occupation of Jersey. For any questions or to book a tour, you can contact Kimberley or Phil at or ring 07797-869882.