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Romantic Things to do in Guernsey

Guernsey’s beautiful landscape, stunning coastal views, and quaint cobbled streets of St Peter Port make it a romantic paradise for couples. There are a range of places to stay on the island for all types of couple retreats, whether that’s a luxury suite in a hotel, or a cosy cabin in a campsite. Whatever your love language, Guernsey will have something for you. 

We now offer hotels and ferry travel so browse our holidays to Guernsey or get some inspiration for your trip below.


rocquette orchard.jpg

1. Rocquette Cider Tasting Tour

Rocquette Cider is Guernsey’s premium quality cider, and it is all made on a farm tucked into the beautiful Fauxquets Valley. Cider production in Guernsey started as early as the 16th century and was recognised for its unique taste with vast quantities being shipped over to the UK. Try something new as a couple and take a tour of the cider farm and apple orchard, making sure to sample the different varieties along the way!

2. Island Hopping

Guernsey is just one of the beautiful Channel Islands, and what’s stopping you from exploring more? Guernsey is a great base to explore the islands of Herm, Sark, and Alderney, with less than an hour boat travel time between them. Sit back and relax on a comfortable and safe boat, and then discover the charm of each island.


3. Take out a tandem

Guernsey is the perfect place for a bike ride, with the maximum speed limit on all roads being 35mph. There are many different places to rent bicycles, whether you choose to take out your own or join forces and tackle a tandem, the choice is yours! On two wheels, you have more freedom to explore the hidden off-road gems of the island while soaking in the beautiful Channel Island air.

4. Steak, sushi, cocktails and seafood at The Hook

The Hook is perfectly placed in the centre of St Peter Port, with marvellous views looking over the marina. The Hook has two floors, a bottom floor for restaurant and dining, then an upper floor for cocktails before or after (or both) dinner. Choices on the menu include an extensive sushi selection, as well as Guernsey lobster or UK farm reared meat steaks. To add to the experience, the cocktail menu is not your typical affair with house specialities there to finish off the perfect evening.


5. Watch the sunset at Vazon Bay

There are many bays in Guernsey for couples to cuddle up on, but Vazon Bay on the north western side of the island is the ideal location to sit out with a picnic and enjoy the sunset in the evening. The large sandy shore means you’ll easily be able to find a private place to snuggle up and watch the sun go down. If you rather watch the views from a restaurant, there are multiple options to pick from lining the promenade with delicious food and drinks.


6. Enjoy delicious local dishes at Octopus restaurant

Octopus is a contemporary bar and restaurant situated on the south side of Havelet Bay in St Peter Port with tremendous views over to Herm, Sark and Jethou. Here, you can enjoy a range of different freshly-caught seafood dishes, as well as a selection of meat and vegetarian options. You will experience the unique Guernsey flavours with the high-quality local ingredients, fully complete with gorgeous views.



7. Pamper yourself with a couple spa experience

There’s not much more of a relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company than a luxurious spa experience. Guernsey has many spa hotels on the island, so there are a few options to choose from. However, one of our favourites is the Old Government House Hotel and Spa. Here you can pick from a range of treatments, as well as full access to their spa including jacuzzi, steam room and sauna; the perfect way to relax and unwind.

7. bella luce.jpg

8. Spend a night at the gorgeous Bella Luce Hotel

The Bella Luce Hotel is set in a historic Norman Manor House, only minutes away from the stunning Guernsey coastline. The unique history and architecture of the hotel means that every room has its own charm and décor, yet each one is lavished in luxury and comfort, making every stay exceptional. Not only can you enjoy a charming stay, but you can also explore the gin distillery in the cellar, and the hotel’s delicious freshly prepared food.


9. Enjoy a surf lesson together

A great way to bring you closer together is to try a new experience, and if you are both surfing newbies, Guernsey is the perfect place to change this! Guernsey Surf School at Vazon Bay has everything you need to get your confidence out in the water. The instructors are all qualified life guards and accredited surf coaches, so you know you are in good hands.


10. Challenge your creativity at Iris & Dora

Iris & Dora is a small, family-run creative workshop, studio and gift shop in St Peter Port. Here, you can pick from an impressive array of objects to decorate, get settled with some paints, then let your creativity take hold. You can paint whatever your artistry skills allow, and if painting isn’t your strong point, you can easily keep it simple. Whatever the outcome, the experience is worth it!