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Please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

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Pack in more ADVENTURE

Summer is fast approaching and is the perfect time to get out and seek some adventure. Take your bikes and boards and explore Guernsey in a uniquely exciting way.

Imagine being able to gently meander round miles of unspoilt coastline in your kayak or on your own paddleboard, softly bobbing along in crystal-clear waters. Your adventure buddy and the beautiful dolphin residents spotted playing along Guernsey’s tranquil coast are your sole company.

Perhaps you prefer life on two wheels and dream of taking your road bike around wide sweeping country lanes, taking in ever-changing scenery through undulating meadows? Being relatively traffic-free, Guernsey’s lower than average speed restrictions make life in the slow lane even more appealing.

By taking your own equipment with you, there’ll be no waiting around for the rental office to open up shop or keeping an eye on the time for when your equipment is due back… when and where you go is completely up to you!


Surf @ Vazon

If you thought the island’s forts looked good from the land, head on over to Guernsey’s surfing hub Vazon Bay and run into the water head first. Surf enthusiasts here will be afforded close-up glimpses of Fort Hommet along with some of the best views of the island’s rugged coastline. Prepare to be amazed at this wide sweeping bay with pristine waters crashing onto golden sand – suitable for both beginners and board buffs alike. Vazon Bay offers six main surfing spots, depending on what the wind, swell and tides are doing. We suggest starting with The Beach, where you’ll find newbies and veterans merging on these laid-back crumbling waves. Surf disciples that revel in fast waves should wax off their board and hit the water at Inside Centre. When there’s a spring high tide and strong swell, this is the place to be.  

vazon bay guernsey surfing channel islands vazon-bay-guernsey-surfing-channel-islands


Paddle board @ Cobo

You can cruise over dreamy waters to the petrified forest for the perfect bird’s eye view of this magnificent creation. Although this spot should be a paddle boarding mecca, this jaw-dropping spot is rarely crowded. Nestled in an idyllic bay, these white sand shores will get you completely hooked on Guernsey and is a must-visit. Keep this one quiet, it’s a hidden gem!  

Kayak @ Petit Bot

When the board has got you beat, trade the surf for a spot of kayaking - the crystal waters continue all around the gorgeous rugged coastline to the southern side of Guernsey. A small sheltered bay makes this spot a favourite haunt for kayaking while the majestic Napoleonic tower that stands tall over the bay offers a convenient point to navigate back to. Petit Bot itself is only open from March to October so you’re likely to have the place to yourself.

 cycling guernsey fort grey channel islands cycling-guernsey-fort-grey-channel-islands

Cycling @ Fort Grey & Talbot Valley

Around the castle, overlooking the beach, through the empty village streets… sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Guernsey is becoming increasingly popular as a cycling destination for both roadies and mountain bikers alike. Whether you prefer your cycling attire to be of the Lycra variety or baggy shorts and a peaked lid are more your style, you’ll find your share of trails on this beautiful island.

For a decent and varied road cycle, head out from St Peter Port to Fort Grey via the northern shores. If you’re a downhill enthusiast at heart – then although the trails here are more molehills than mountains, Guernsey is proof that good things come in small – and easily reachable packages.


A day of adventure deserves an evening lapping up the sunset while enjoying some hearty seafood dishes. Mingle with the locals at their favourite spot, The Cobo Bay Hotel and check out our favourite squid and chorizo starter to whet your appetite. The sky continues to put on a spectacular display of burning bright colours well beyond sunset, and with a foreground of rocky outcrops and quaint fishing boats you’ll feel like coming back year after year.