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Sark Views

Cycling on SARK

Guernsey’s sister island of Sark is the fourth smallest Channel Island, but it is still equipped with a 40-mile-long coastline, stunning sea views and rich country paths waiting to be explored.

This car-free island means that the air is as fresh as ever and the roads are only used by tractors, walkers and horse-drawn carriages making Sark one of the safest places on the British Isles to cycle! Everywhere in Sark is just moments away from breath-taking scenery, and outside on a bicycle, you can breathe in the fresh air and soak in the surrounding beauty. Lucky for cyclists, the inland of the island is fairly flat with a choice of five roads to explore.

Sark doesn’t have an airport but getting there is easy by boat from neighbouring Guernsey, you’ll be there in just under an hour so it’s well worth a visit.

Cycling Routes on Sark


The cycle routes on the island are on the same roads used by tractors and carriages. These roads run across the whole island, giving you no excuse to tick off all the must-see sites. Some of the cliff-top paths are not cycle-friendly, but you will find there are bicycle rails for you to lock up your bikes and explore the areas by foot.
For those slightly hesitant on two wheels, the north has the easiest cycling routes with flatter and wider paths. Up in the north, you can discover the Buddhist Carving, and enjoy the beautiful views of the Eperquerie.

On the west of the island, you can spot the rocky outliers of Les Autelets, and the famous Gouliot Caves, hidden under fields of bluebells during season.
On the south coast of the island, you will find Dixcart Bay. The path that leads down to the bay is narrow and may be muddy after rainfall, but your journey will be surrounded by the beautiful forest flora. Once you reach the bay, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing panoramic view of the sea. If cycling isn’t enough to get your heart racing, you can also get involved with the kayaking and coasteering there.


dixcart bay sark cycling guernsey channel islands dixcart-bay-sark-cycling-guernsey-channel-islands

Head east and you may be able to find Sark Henge, a stone circle built in 2015 to mark the 450-year anniversary since Queen Elizabeth I granted the Fief of Sark to Helier De Carteret in 1565. Each of the nine stones contains a viewing hole which lines up with a specific landmark such as La Coupée, St Ouen’s and Alderney.
Any direction you choose to cycle, you’ll be certain to find beautiful scenery enriched with the incredibly fresh air.




When you cycle on Sark, there are a few sights that are not worth missing! Have a look at some of what we recommend below.

La Grand Grêve

Not only the largest beach on Sark, La Grand Grêve is also the most popular. Park your bike at the top of this sandy bay and take the steep steps down the 100m clifftop from the north end of La Coupée. The sandy spread is perfect for picnics at low tide.

La Coupée


La Coupee in Sark la-coupee-in-sark

The razor-edged isthmus connecting the main island to Little Sark is a truly spectacular sight. Park your bikes at one end and walk across for breath-taking views. The narrow strip is 300ft long and has a drop of 330ft on each side so if you’re scared of heights, don’t look down!


An ancient cannon still stands today on the old defence headland of Hogsback with an elevation of 61m, separating the two beautiful bays of Derrible and Dixcart. Cycle there and embrace the fantastic dual-bay view.

The Gouliot Caves

These famous caves are under the Gouliot headland on Sark’s west coast. The headland is a Ramsar site, recognised worldwide as a Wetland of International Importance under the International Ramsar Convention. This means that the fantastic array of marine species in this environment are recognised and protected. The variety of invertebrate life contains many endangered species such as sponges and sea anemones. In certain tides, you can coasteer here with the support of certified instructors to explore the exciting marine life. On bikes, you can cruise along the narrow cliff-top path that leads down into the cave that bisects the headland.

Cycle Hire

the avenue cycle sark guernsey channel islands the-avenue-cycle-sark-guernsey-channel-islands

Although you can take your own bicycle for free on Condor Ferries, you are unable to take your bike on the short transfer ferry over to Sark but luckily, Sark has 2 cycle hire shops:

-A to B on the Mermaid Lane, just a five-minute walk away from where the tractor drops you off on the high street after you disembark the boat.

-Avenue Cycle Hire, located on the Avenue, close to all amenities.

Prices cost between £6.50 and £7.50 per day.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack up your bags and head off to the marvellous island of Sark to soak in the clean air and discover the glorious scenery. Click here to look at ferries to get you one step closer to your Sark escape.