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Seafood Restaurants in Guernsey

For foodies who love fresh seafood, there is no better place to be than a restaurant that serves dishes straight from the nearby waters. For the best seafood restaurants in Guernsey explore our top 10 below.

Le Nautique 2.jpg

1. La Nautique

Not only is La Nautique one of the best overall restaurants in Guernsey but it is one of the best spots to get seafood dishes on the island. The highlight of the restaurant is their mouthwatering seafood that has been freshly sourced from the nearby coast. From baby squid, sea bass to scallops their seafood selection is mammoth and guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. Their nautical interior and sea views wonderfully complement their compelling menu.


Price range: £15 - £50

Address: Quay Steps, St Peter Port GY1 2LE, Guernsey


2. The Boathouse

The aptly named restaurant serves some of the most delicious seafood alongside their well-loved stone-baked pizzas. Try out something different to typical seafood dishes, such as their mouthwatering fish pie or signature seafood boathouse pizza. Make sure to look at the blackboard for their specials and cut of the day. There are so many options to choose from and we can assure you that after your visit you will want to be returning the next day.


Price range: £10 - £20

Address: Victoria Pier, Guernsey GY1 2LG, Guernsey


3. Pier 17

Guernsey is well known for its delectable seafood options as its shores are home to an assortment of fish, seafood and shellfish. Pier 17 menu has an emphasis on seafood and provides a huge selection to choose from including lobster, calamari, crab, seabass and scallops to name a few. The locally caught fish thrive in the Guernsey waters so you can always be assured that your dishes are as fresh as can be. If an assortment of seafood is more to your liking you can order mini platters and mixed sharing dishes.


Price range: £22 - £29

Address: Albert Pier, Guernsey GY1 1AD, Guernsey


4. The Lobster & Grill

As you can imagine, the best thing to get from The Lobster & Grill is their incredible mouthwatering lobster. If you want to enjoy a range of seafood options try their signature seafood platter which can be enjoyed by one, two or four people depending on the party size. The restaurant is excellent value for money and is considered one of Guernsey’s most cherished eateries. The dairy, cheeses and vegetables are also locally sourced and help make up the heart of the menu.


Price range: £10 - £35

Address: La Rue Du Friquet, Castel GY5 7ST


5. The Catch Bistro & Bar

The Catch Bistro & Bar aims to serve the freshest locally sourced seafood available. The comfortable and welcoming restaurant sells some of the best food on the island. The restaurant is small in size but big in flavour and will happily welcome any clientele. Try the moules, king prawns or soft-shelled crab for a delicious evening meal. Don’t forget to check out the wonderful view of the harbour to add to your dining experience.  


Price range: £6 - £24

Address: North Esplanade, Guernsey GY1 2LJ, Guernsey


6. Octopus Bar & Restaurant

Octopus is a fairly new restaurant that serves an array of international dishes as well as a huge variety of seafood dishes and seafood stews. You can’t experience Octopus without trying a dish that includes octopus, so we recommend tasting their hot seafood pot specialities! Alongside their main menu, they also have a breakfast and canapes menu to choose from all of which cater to vegans and vegetarians. It is a great place for families and food with friends.


Price range: £5 - £40

Address: under the content inc. the restaurant address


7. Cobo Bay Restaurant & Beach Terrace

With a view of one of the best beaches in Jersey, Cobo Bay Restaurant & Beach Terrace must be visited on your seafood exploration. Their delicious seasonal menus serve the highest quality food and specialise in fresh Guernsey seafood and shellfish, most of which are caught within the bay and delivered straight to their door during the summertime. The relaxed atmosphere adds to the dining experience and for ultimate tranquillity head to their terrace for some impressive views. If you love seafood, this is the place for you.


Price range: £10 - £30

Address: Cobo Coast Road Cobo, Castel GY5 7HB

8. The Hook

For the finest seafood and sushi around, make your way to St Peter Port! The Hook only uses fresh local ingredients and the seasonality is the deciding factor of the everchanging menu. Try their Guernsey lobster, hake, skate wing or crab & lobster tagliatelle for an unbelievable taste sensation that is cooked to perfection. Their appetisers also include an assortment of seafood to help start your evening off right. Pair the seafood dishes with a refreshing glass of white wine from their fine wine list.


Price range:

Address: North Plantation, St Peter Port GY1 2LH


9. La Reunion

For a fantastic Guernsey seafood restaurant with incomparable panoramic views head to La Reunion after a relaxing day basking in the sunshine. Tempt your senses with their a’ la Carte menu as their selection of seafood and fish will appeal to all preferences. Try their seafood platter to enjoy a fantastic mix of everything! Their modern and stylish interior creates the perfect setting for dining with both friends and family.  Admire the sunset whilst enjoying the most remarkable seafood the island has to offer.


Price range: £12 - £35

Address: Cobo Coast Road, GY5 7HB


10. Roc Salt Beach Café and Restaurant

In the beautiful parish of Vale, you will find the Roc Salt Beach Café and Restaurant which steps straight onto the waterfront. Enjoy the views of the stunning Chouet coast on a glorious sunny day from their roof terrace. Their Roc Salt steak and lobster speciality allow you to share a whole lobster and 8oz fillet steak between two as part of their set menu. Their portion sizes are perfect and the staff are always attentive. It is great for families and friends as their menu offers a range of other choices if seafood isn’t to everyone’s taste.  


Price range: £10 - £50

Address: Mont Cuet Road, Vale GY3 5AT