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Your return date must be after your departure date.

4 - 15
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Maximum of 9 passengers allowed on the outward.

Please select at least one adult to travel.

Have you correctly declared your vehicle height? Find out more here.
Max Length 5m
Max length of car + towed vehicle 10m
Max length of motorhome 7m. For lengths over 7m please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

Please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

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If you are travelling on business or in a commercial vehicle please click here for Condor Ferries Freight.

Please note that any person or vehicle travelling for business or commercial venture, carrying commercial goods/samples will need to book via our freight teams and do not qualify for leisure fares. In addition, if the vehicle being taken is designed for the carriage of commercial goods it shall be reserved as freight regardless of its dimensions. For more information please call the Commercial team on 01481 728620 .

Condor Ferries | Customer Charter

Customer Charter

The Promise ofGood Times

We want you to enjoy travelling with us, from planning your journey to arriving at your final destination, and then safely back home again. 

Customer Charter

our promise to you

We want you to enjoy travelling with us, from planning your journey to arriving at your final destination, and then safely back home again. In our day to day operations these are the principles that really matter to us:
You are in safe hands

Keeping you safe is our first priority.

Service with a smile

We are here to make sure you always enjoy Good Times with us.

With you all the way

We are here to help from the moment you start your booking until you arrive back home.

Keeping you in the picture

We will always make sure you are in the know, with clear up-to-date information.

We are listening

We love to hear your feedback, so tell us how we are doing.

Your Rights

Condor Ferries act in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulation 1177/2010. In the event of cancellation or delays in departure and delays in arrival to a scheduled sailing depending on the reason passengers may be entitled to the following:

1. In the event of a delay in departure for more than 90 minutes Condor Ferries will offer passengers:

a. Free of charge snacks, meals or refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time provided they are available or can reasonably be supplied.

2. Where a ferry service is expected to be cancelled or delayed in departure for more than 90 minutes the passenger shall immediately be offered point 2a or 2b in addition to point 1a:

a. Re-routing to the final destination, under comparable conditions, as set out in the transport contract, at the earliest opportunity at no additional cost.

b. Reimbursement of the ticket price and, where relevant, a return service free of charge to the first point of departure, as set out in the transport contract at the earliest opportunity.

3. When the delay in departure requires a stay of one or more nights, Condor Ferries will offer you point 1a as well as:

a. Passengers will be offered onboard or ashore accommodation free of charge, arranged or as advised by Condor Ferries staff. Accommodation costs will be limited to EUR 80 per night for a maximum of 3 nights not including transport to and from the port terminal and place of accommodation.

4. When a sailing is delayed in arrival and the delay exceeds the advertised journey length, the minimum level of compensation shall be 25% of the ticket price paid. If the delay exceeds double the time set out below, the compensation shall be 50% of the ticket price of the affected journey.

Advertised Journey Length  Delay in arrival  Refund
Up to 4 hours 1 hour
2 hours
Between 4 and 8 hours 2 hour
4 hours
Between 8 and 24 hours 3 hour
6 hours
More than 24 hours 6 hour
12 hours

Please note that entitlement to claim does not include cancellation or delay caused by adverse weather conditions that endanger the safe operation of the ship or extraordinary circumstances.

Claims for cancellation or delays in departure and delays in arrival to a scheduled sailing must be made in writing within two months of your scheduled departure date. To make a claim download a claim form and email to or return it by post to: Condor Ferries Ltd, Customer Services Dept, Condor House, New Harbour Road South, Poole, BH15 4AJ.