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Fares and offers

Whether you’re visiting friends and family, getting away for a romantic break, or booking your family summer holiday, our aim is to make travelling with us as easy and affordable as possible.

On these pages you’ll find some of our best prices for different journeys and destinations, for couples and families, travelling with or without a car.

There will occasionally be limited period special offers, and you’ll always find the details of those here.


Great Value

Travelling by sea gives you the freedom to take you own car, packed with everything you need to enjoy your break, and it can often surprisingly work out less than the combined cost of flying and hiring a car. And you’ll not only save the hassle of airport queuing, check-in and security, you’ll also save on excess baggage charges – just pack your car and go!

Onboard there’s room to breathe, stretch your legs, and enjoy a drink or a meal in one of our onboard bars or restaurants. You can also make massive savings on your favourite brands, in our onboard duty free shop – we are the only UK based ferry operator to offer genuine duty free savings.