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Your return date must be after your departure date.

4 - 15
0 - 3

Maximum of 9 passengers allowed on the outward.

Please select at least one adult to travel.

Have you correctly declared your vehicle height? Find out more here.
Max Length 5m
Max length of car + towed vehicle 10m
Max length of motorhome 7m. For lengths over 7m please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

If you are travelling on business or in a commercial vehicle please click here for Condor Ferries Freight.

Please note that any person or vehicle travelling for business or commercial venture, carrying commercial goods/samples will need to book via our freight teams and do not qualify for leisure fares. In addition, if the vehicle being taken is designed for the carriage of commercial goods it shall be reserved as freight regardless of its dimensions. For more information please call the Commercial team on 01481 728620 .

Seasonal Vacancies AVAILABLE

Customer service crew

‘No one day is ever the same when you are part of our Customer Service Crew. I’ve always loved supporting customers, and this can be from helping passengers with their check in process, helping them throughout the terminal, or with their admin via phones or emails. Our team here is really is one of a kind and for me it is one of the main reasons I look forward to coming to work each day. Due to the nature of our work, we do need to be flexible but working as part of a team really helps provide the best experience for everyone and it really makes it such an enjoyable environment to work in. I’ve learnt the ability to problem solve, diffuse potential difficult situations, and how to juggle high volumes of queries to ensure everyone leaves Condor happy.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming our new seasonal staff to the family!’

Martha- Customer Service Crew


Cabin Crew onboard

No two days are never the same. It is a really varied role which involves fulfilling my safety and security duties, marshalling cars on the car deck, showing passengers to their seats and assisting with any of their needs. I love working with our passengers which is why I love my role onboard. My role at Condor allows me to do what I love, which means I am happy professionally and personally and in turn the passengers are great.

Tatianne- Cabin Crew

Port staff

Welcoming visitors to the Islands is one of my favourite parts of my role. We see passengers of all ages and backgrounds and they come to us for all manner of queries! Speaking with new people every day is so rewarding, and you start to get know your returning travellers which is lovely! I’ve learnt so much from my time at Condor, from understanding how the tides can affect our sailings, to learning new computer skills. Being customer facing has really helped grow my confidence when dealing with people, and I really enjoy being based in a small, but really important team. There is always so happening in the port, there is never a dull moment!

Warehouse Agent

‘Working with the Condor Warehouse team is great for lots of reasons. It is very varied, so no two days are the same, and we have a strong friendly team where you can fit in really quickly. The warehouse keeps everything moving and stocked so you really feel like you are at the centre of it all. Our seasonal staff help to make sure the warehouse runs smoothly during a really busy summer season, whether it’s goods coming in & out or making deliveries to the ships, cafes and ports. There’s lots of opportunity to interact with the wider Condor team as well which is great. It is also a physical job which is great for your health and wellbeing so I would really recommend it.’

To view our full list of vacancies, click here.