Taking a trailer for leisure travel

Vehicle Definitions & Dimensions

What kinds of trailers does Condor Ferries accept?

Condor Ferries accept vehicles towing trailers, which must be declared at the time of booking. There is an additional charge for trailers and leisure booking rates are available for passenger trailers which have the same cargo on both legs of their journey. Journeys where the trailer is laden on one leg and unladen on the other will be charged at freight rates.
Below is a list of the most popular categories however if your trailer type is not listed please call us to discuss your needs and do not book what you think is the nearest equivalent. In all cases you need to measure the trailer from the start of the towball to the very back of the trailer or item/s laden on the trailer.

What kind of trailers can you carry?

Our trailer options have been simplified for ease of booking. The following three categories have been created so that no matter what type of trailer you have, it fits within these three Trailer options:

  • Small Trailer – Standard length is 4m and up to 2.25m high
  • Low Trailer – For longer Trailers up to 5.5m long & up to 2.25m high
  • Caravan/High Trailer – This option is for trailers that are up to 5.5m long & over 2.25m high.
  • Towed Horsebox - Up to 5.5m Long

Trailers and Horseboxes that are longer than 5.5m are available to be booked with a small supplement, for more information please contact our reservations and port teams.

What kinds of baggage and camping trailers can I take?

  • Baggage trailer up to 1.85 in length and up to 1.85m high. Standard weight 500kg.
  • Camping trailer up to 4m in length and up to 1.85m high Standard weight up to 1000kg.

What qualifies as a speedboat or motorboat trailers?

Condor Ferries defines a speed boat trailer as a trailer which would typically be used to transport a ski / wake boat type vessel and a motorboat trailer as one typically used to transport a fishing/small pleasure boat or rib. A jetski or wetbike on a trailer should be booked as a motorbike trailer. For both categories the maximum gross laden weight on a single axle trailer is 2 tonnes and on a double axle trailer 3.5 tonnes with an overall maximum trailer length of 6.5m (measured from towball to the rearmost part).

What qualifies as a dinghy trailer?

Condor Ferries defines a dingy trailer as a trailer which would typically be used to transport a light sailing dinghy (including multihulls) which does not have an outboard or inboard engine. In all cases the trailer width should not exceed that of the car (when laden) and the standard length is 5.5m metres. Longer trailers maybe booked up to a maximum of 6.5m metres on payment of a small supplement. The maximum gross laden weight is 750kg and the maximum height is 3.1m including any protruding items like masts etc.

For information on travelling with a caravan please click here. For information on travel with a horse in a horse box or motorised horsebox please click here. For information on moving house or taking household goods with you please click here.

If you have booked through an agent or tour operator you should advise them of your requirements, and ask them to update your booking (subject to availability) as this may incur extra costs.


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