Taking your Horse, Motorised Horsebox or Horsebox on Condor Ferries

Vehicle Definitions & Dimensions

Travelling to the UK, Channel Islands or France with your horse, motorised horse box or car and towed horsebox means you will need to plan ahead! The following page will give you helpful advice and information to help you plan your ferry trip

Before you Travel

In order to be able to make your journey with Condor Ferries as straightforward as possible you must inform us at the time of booking the exact dimensions of your vehicle (including the tow bar) and your horsebox height and length ready before you make your booking as we need to know the exact dimensions (length/height/weight) of your vehicle as rates are calculated according to size. The maximum dimensions of a horsebox or motorised horsebox should not exceed 7.5m from tow bar or front bumper to the rear of the vehicle.

If you plan to travel on our fast ferries, whether you plan to use a towed horsebox or motorised horsebox the total weight (including the horse/s) not exceed a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes when fully laden. It should be noted that on fast ferries, there is limited space on the car deck which is suitable to transport horseboxes.

Larger motorised horseboxes can be transported on our conventional ferries from Portsmouth.

When transporting a horse between the Channel Islands and UK you are required to make a Customs declaration stating the Horse name and the Studbook passport number of the animal travelling regardless of whether the visit is for leisure or commercial purposes. A copy of the horse passport and cover letter stating the purpose of travel is also required. For commercial sale an invoice of sale is also required.

To find out whether your horse is liable for VAT please contact Condor Ferries in Portsmouth on 02392 626471

As of May 15th 2015, any horses travelling between the UK & France will be required to show a valid health Certificate in order to travel.

If you are from the UK more info can be found here.
If you live in the Channel Islands, then more information can be found here.

Travelling between the UK and Jersey you are required to make a pre-arrival declaration with Jersey Customs if your horse is not of Jersey origin, this can be done online at www.customs.gst.gov.je and will avoid any unnecessary delays on arrival. For commercial sale an invoice of sale is also required.
To find out whether your horse is liable for GST please contact Jersey Customs 01534 448088

Travelling to France and Guernsey with your own horses, you are only required to complete a Condor Ferries consignment note to be filled in with the horse name and passport number.

Transporters carrying horses to France as part of a commercial venture must contact Morvan Fils to arrange customs clearance. They can do this on - 0033 (0)2 99 20 03 45 or 51.

Any movements where the same animal is not transported on both outbound and return, regardless of destination, may be deemed to be for commercial not leisure reasons and charged accordingly unless sufficient proof can be provided to prove otherwise.

If you would like to discuss how to book your horse please contact us by calling 0345 609 1024.



If you are travelling between the UK and the Channel Islands, then your passport is not needed. But don't forget you'll need a valid passport for travel to and from France.

Passengers travelling to and from St. Malo must ensure that their passport(s) is available for inspection and the correct and valid documentation is being carried. Visas are required by some non EEC nationals.


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