Condor Ferries Live Vessel Positions

Condor Ferries is always looking for new ways to communicate with its customers and make its services more efficient. Using an Automatic Identification System (AIS), a tracking system on all of our ferries, information on all our ships can be passed through to our passengers. The map below uses AIS to track the location and speed of the fast and conventional ferries.

Note: The positions and information given may not be 100% accurate as data may be up to an hour old or incomplete. Information and data is provided for information only and is not to be used to calculate arrival and departure times from ports. It is recommended that passengers check in within the minimum times stated and monitor sailing updates online for up to date information on our services.

With a fleet of two fast ferries and two conventional ferries, Condor Ferries operate sailings between the UK, Channel Islands and France. Condor Liberation and Condor Rapide are car and passenger carrying fast ferries where as Commodore Clipper is a conventional car, passenger and freight carrying vessel which was introduced to the fleet to offer an all weather, year round service. Condor Ferries also operates Commodore Goodwill, as a freight only vessel. For routes and timetables please click here.


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