Booking the correct vehicle

Vehicle Definitions & Dimensions

It’s important to select the correct vehicle type when making your booking with Condor Ferries. This information ensures that we are able to make your journey as safe, punctual and comfortable as possible.

You’ll need to declare your vehicle as one of the following (measurement must include any roof load):


Car 1 Car 2 Car 3 Car 4

Standard Car

Vehicle up to 1.85m high

Standard Car + Roof load

Vehicle up to 2.25m high

Medium Car

Vehicle up to 2.25m high

Medium Car + Roof load

Vehicle over 2.25m high


Van 1 Van 2 Van 3 Van 4 Van 3

Campervan or Minibus

Campervan up to 6.5m long. Max height 2.25m and up to 3.5 tonnes.

Motorhome or Minibus

Motorhome up to 7m long. Max height 3.1m and up to 4.5 tonnes.

Motorhome or Minibus over 7m long or over 3.1m high

Not bookable online

Panel Sided Van

Not bookable online

Panel sided High Van

Not bookable online


Low Towed Combi Medium Towed Combi Vehicle-&-towed-horsebox Medium Towed Combi

Low Towed Combi

Vehicle & trailer combined length up to 10m long. Max height 1.85m

Medium Towed Combi

Vehicle & trailer combined length up to 10m long. Max height 2.25m

Vehicle & Towed Horsebox

Not bookable online

Vehicle & towed caravan (High Towed Combi)

Not bookable online

Special vehicles

Motorbike Motorised-Horsebox



Motorised Horsebox

Not bookable online


  • Up to 1.85m high
  • Up to 2.25m high
  • Over 2.25m high


Condor Ferries standard car length accommodates vehicles up to 5m in length.

If you wish to book a vehicle plus trailer including caravans, boat and car trailers, motor homes or any vehicle with a trailer where the combined length of the vehicle from the bonnet to the end of the trailer exceeds 6.5m long you should contact 0345 609 1024 to make your booking.


Please note, the maximum laden vehicle weight to 3.5 tonnes (equivalent to 2 tonnes axle weight) for our Fast Ferry services. Any vehicle exceeding this will be refused to board.

If you travel in a vehicle with different dimensions to those on your booking form, you will be liable to an excess charge at the port of departure, and may be refused carriage.

Commercial Vehicles, Vans & Goods

Vans Heights

The fares quoted online are valid only for standard vehicles or camping/luggage trailers used for leisure travel reasons and so do not apply to exceptional vehicles including but not limited to panel sided vehicles, trailers (other than those listed on our Taking your trailer page) and any other vehicles designed for the carriage of goods regardless of whether you are booking for commercial or leisure reasons.

Any booking for a freight type vehicle where the cargo differs between outbound and return journey will be assessed as a commercial freight movement and charged accordingly.

Passengers who are travelling with personal or household goods, who are moving themselves should carefully review our moving house page. Passengers travelling with commercial goods carried in private vehicles or vans requiring documentation and presentation to Customs and Excise will be charged as freight.

For further details regarding commercial vehicles and goods enquiries please use the following information or visit our freight website

Conventional Ferry Freight Bookings
Tel: 01481 728620 Fax: 01481 728521 or email

Fast Ferry Freight Booking
Tel: 01481 728620 Fax: 01481 728521 or email


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