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St Malo is a historic walled port city in Brittany, and one of the most popular destinations in the region. St Malo is famed for its old walled city where you will find beautiful old buildings in a maze of small narrow streets, museums, restaurants and cafés.

A Family Favourite

Merry-go-round in the city centreThe Grand Aquarium is situated a few miles south of the citadel. The aquarium displays fish and sea life from around the world in 8 different aquariums. The aquariums include a circular fish tank, allowing visitors to stand in the middle of swirling fish shoals and an open air touching pool.

Cobac Parc, another popular attraction in St Malo, is a 12 hectare wooded park offering thirty activities for the whole family, including a water park, mini golf and a merry-go-round.

City Sights & Shopping

City Sights & ShoppingThe ancient tiny cobbled streets are full of fascinating shops selling crafts and open markets for local produce.

In St Malo you will find a range of art, music and book shops. The city also has a choice of hypermarkets and specialist shopping.

Fine Dining and Food Festivals

Fine DiningAs you’d expect, St Malo offers a breadth of good eating to suit all tastes and budgets. Local specialties include fresh lobsters and Cancale oysters, as well as other classic French fare such as crêpes and moules. Some of the most popular restaurants and cafés are situated in a long-line inside the city ramparts between Porte St-Vincent and the Grande Porte.

Historic St Malo

Historic St MaloThe Chateau De St Malo, to the right of the city’s main gate, houses the Musee de la Ville. The Museum offers exhibits covering all elements of St Malo’s historic past incorporating piracy, colonialism, slave trading and German Occupation during World War II. Go back to the 9th century by visiting the Cathedral of St. Vincent, which includes Angevin, Plantagenet, Romanseque and Gothic architecture. The city ramparts date from the 12th century and stretch 1.2 miles from Saint-Vincent Gate to the Saint-Thomas Gate. Walking along the ramparts you can admire fantastic views of the old town’s houses, the bay and the islets at the mouth of the Rance estuary.

St Malo Tourism Website (Link opens in a new window)

Essential Information

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