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Service Cancelled

Commodore Goodwill

The latest forecasts for Monday indicate severe weather for the Channel with wave heights predicted to be in excess of 9m and wind gusts of 50kts.


After liaising with the Masters of the Goodwill, taking into account conditions and safety the following services are now cancelled. Please note the departure from Guernsey and Jersey are on Monday the 8th .

Cancelled Service

18:30 Portsmouth to Guernsey

04:00 Guernsey to Jersey

16:30 Jersey to Portsmouth

Updated At: 06/02/2016 09:49:07

Amended Clipper Service

Commodore Clipper

The Captain has advised that after reviewing the latest weather forecast with Jersey Met he will be unable to enter Jersey Port this evening, the wind speeds and wave heights around Jersey have not abated as previous forecasts had predicted. The current forecast is set to be outside safe operating limits for the Clipper until after midnight, in addition Jersey port will be closed due to the tide for 22:50 until 03:15.


Therefore the Clipper will now operate from Guernsey direct to Portsmouth at the revised time of 22:00.

This will permit the weather in the Channel to further drop and make for a safer crossing

Rescheduled Times

From Guernsey to Portsmouth
Planned Times: Departure 17:20 Arrival 06:30
Rescheduled Times: Departure 22:00 Arrival

Cancelled Service

17:20 Guernsey to Jersey

21:20 Jersey to Portsmouth

Updated At: 08/02/2016 17:26:57

Adverse weather cancellation

Condor Rapide

An expected period of unpleasant adverse weather is due to pass through the English Channel on Monday.

The current forecast indicates wave heights well in excess of our legal operating limits for our High Speed Craft.

Therefore I regret to inform you that it is necessary to CANCEL Monday’s morning St. Malo - Jersey - St. Malo and afternoon St. Malo - Jersey - Guernsey - Poole high-speed ferry services as below.


The expected inclement conditions are also likely to affect Conventional services. A further update will follow on Sunday Morning after further analysing of the latest forecasts.

Cancelled Service

08:00 St Malo to Jersey

09:00 Jersey to St Malo

16:00 St Malo to Jersey

17:20 Jersey to Guernsey

19:00 Guernsey to Poole

Updated At: 05/02/2016 11:59:03

Service disruption

Commodore Clipper

In order to provide a link for affected North-bound passengers the Commodore Clipper will now be re routed to call Jersey first on Tuesday 9th February as follows:

Rescheduled Times

From Portsmouth to Guernsey
Planned Times: Departure 09:00 Arrival 16:00
Rescheduled Times: Departure 09:00 Arrival 22:15
From Guernsey to Jersey
Planned Times: Departure 17:20 Arrival 19:20
Rescheduled Times: Departure 23:30 Arrival 18:15
From Jersey to Portsmouth
Planned Times: Departure 21:20 Arrival 06:30
Rescheduled Times: Departure 20:15 Arrival 06:30

Updated At: 05/02/2016 12:13:59

Additional service

Condor Rapide

Due to the cancellation of Monday's St Malo - Jersey - St. Malo service, the following additional service has been put in place;


All passengers on Monday's St. Malo to Jersey 08:00 and 16:00 cancelled services have been transferred to this additional sailing.

All passengers on Monday's Jersey to St. Malo 09:00 cancelled service have also been transferred to this additional rotation on Tuesday.

Should you be interested in alternative options please contact your agent, reservations or local port.

Rescheduled Times

From St Malo to Jersey
Planned Times: Departure NEW Arrival NEW
Rescheduled Times: Departure 17:00 Arrival 17:20
From Jersey to St Malo
Planned Times: Departure NEW Arrival NEW
Rescheduled Times: Departure 18:00 Arrival 20:30

Updated At: 05/02/2016 12:31:57