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Download Condor Ferries timetables for travel from the UK, Channel Islands or France which will help you plan your next short break, holiday or visit to see friends or family.

our Routes

Jersey, Guernsey, France, & The UK

Ferries to Jersey Ferries to Guernsey Ferries to France Ferries to the UK
Ferries from
  Jersey to Guernsey Ferry Timetable Jersey to France Ferry Timetable Jersey to UK Ferry Timetable
Ferries from
Guernsey to Jersey Ferry Timetable   Guernsey to France Ferry Timetable Guernsey to UK Ferry Timetable
Ferries from
France to Jersey Ferry Timetable France to Guernsey Ferry Timetable   France to UK Ferry Timetable
Ferries from
the UK
UK to Jersey Ferry Timetable UK to Guernsey Ferry Timetable UK to France Ferry Timetable  

These timetables are accurate at time of production. Please be aware that the sailings and vessels are subject to change. © The design and layout of the Condor Ferries timetable cannot be used without the permission of Condor Ferries Ltd. Sailings are scheduled taking into account tidal restrictions in one or more of our ports enroute. From time to time, sailings may be affected by unforeseen tidal factors. More information.

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