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If you’re visiting Jersey, be sure to take back home, one of Jersey’s signature products – the distinctive black butter, also known as ‘le Niere Buerre’.

This rich mixture of apples, Jersey cider and spices is a unique conserve that in reality doesn’t hold much resemblance to its name.


It is in fact not black, but dark brown in colour, and its only likeness to butter is in its consistency and usage. It’s almost a more appley version of Christmas mincemeat with black treacle in the background.

This Island speciality, came about as a result of Jersey’s strong apple-growing heritage, and although these days the Island is better known for its Jersey milk and potatoes; you don’t have to go back too far to discover a time when Jersey cider was the Island’s most popular export. Black Butter evolved as a result of the by-product of cider-making, using cider and peeled apples that were left to simmer slowly over an open gas flame, stirring continuously for several hours. During this stewing period, lemons, spices, black treacle, liquorice and brown sugar were added to the concoction.


Black Butter is still produced once a year in a time-honoured ritual amongst locals, old and young. It’s a fruity Island affair and something of an annual social event organised by the National Trust, where during October and November volunteers roll up to take part in peeling, stirring and filling awaiting jars - the whole process takes around 30 hours. For many years, this was its only means of production, but today La Mare Wine Estate offer a more commercial version, having spent over two years perfecting the very best version of Jersey Black Butter.


Stirred mechanically for five hours using high quality Jersey ingredients, La Mare Black Butter was awarded 3 gold stars in the 2009 ‘Great Taste Awards’. Its commercial production allows the delicious Black Butter to be enjoyed all year round, rather than just in the production months of Autumn.


The traditional preserve can be incorporated into a variety of tasty recipes; from a Black Butter Cream Tea to Black Butter cheesecake, pavlova or freshly-baked biscuits.


It’s a must-try and makes a great souvenir. Our onboard duty free shop stocks a range of Black Butter products, all made at La Mare Wine Estate, from the original butter in jars to premium fudge and shortbreads. They all carry the ‘Genuine Jersey’ label, which guarantees that everything, from ingredients to where it is made, is 100% Jersey.


Black Butter with...Freshly baked bread or scones and cream. In apple crumble, soufflé or ice cream. Condiments for cold meatsAs chutney with cheese

See our full range of La Mare Jersey Butter products in our onboard Duty Free Shop – a great souvenir.