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Gin Glorious GIN

Gin is the nation’s most modish spirit, and is available in every conceivable flavour from citrus to seaweed to those with spicy, peppery notes.
Gin at its simplest, is a spirit flavoured with a variety of different botanicals (such as coriander seeds, cardamom, cassia bark and cinnamon) but with the predominant flavour being that of juniper.


Today, many gins are tailored to the taste of the localities where it’s consumed, leading to a wide range of styles, flavours and ingredients, from the historical to the up-to-the-minute.


Wheadon’s is one such gin that uses locally sourced botanicals, from the picturesque Island of Guernsey, to create artisanal gins. The formation of Wheadon’s Gin marked the 150th year anniversary of the Wheadon Family’s involvement in the production and distribution of fine alcohol on Guernsey. Distiller, Luke Wheadon, alongside the fundamental and all important juniper, uses additional botanicals where the flavours produced change with the seasons, from incredibly fresh rock samphire, foraged locally from nearby cliffs, mandarin limes grown in a local glasshouse and pink grapefruit in the summer months, through to earl grey, lavender or burnt orange to suit the longer evenings of winter. Produced in beautiful traditional copper stills, the addition of these locally sourced botanicals creates perfectly balanced gins in very small batches.


If you are a gin lover and are visiting Guernsey, you might want to try one of Wheadon’s Gin tasting experiences with the opportunity to design your own bespoke infusion at their small batch distillery located in the Bella Luce, a luxury boutique hotel in St Martin’s. It’s an intriguing way to learn about this fascinating spirit. If you opt for the ‘Design your own Distillation’ experience, the whole affair finishes with your party selecting their favourite botanicals, which whilst you dine in the award-winning restaurant, will be distilled and presented to you in a small souvenir bottle sealed with their distinctive copper wax – a sample of your own bespoke gin to take away.


Wheadon’s Gin is the latest addition to Condor’s duty free gin offering and you can find the Rock Samphire and Pink Grapefruit variety in the onboard shop.


Wheadon’s Gin Experiences


The Gintroduction £20 pp

Breaking Down The Botanicals £35 pp (min 4 persons)

Design Your Own Distillation £45 pp excluding dinner (min 4 persons)


For more information contact:

or call +44 (0)1481 238764