Condor Ferries


Your return date must be after your departure date.

4 - 15
0 - 3

Maximum of 9 passengers allowed on the outward.

Please select at least one adult to travel.

Have you correctly declared your vehicle height? Find out more here.
Max Length 5m
Max length of car + towed vehicle 10m
Max length of motorhome 7m. For lengths over 7m please call 0345 609 1024 to book.

If you are travelling on business or in a commercial vehicle please click here for Condor Ferries Freight.

Please note that any person or vehicle travelling for business or commercial venture, carrying commercial goods/samples will need to book via our freight teams and do not qualify for leisure fares. In addition, if the vehicle being taken is designed for the carriage of commercial goods it shall be reserved as freight regardless of its dimensions. For more information please call the Commercial team on 01481 728620 .

Community Fund Terms and Conditions

1. Applying for Condor Community Funding
1.1. By completing an Application, You are applying for Condor Community Funding and You have read and accept these terms and conditions. You also accept You may not succeed in Your Application, and our decision is final.
1.2. If we require more information from You, we will contact You by email or via other contact details provided to us.
1.3. We will decide which Projects to support after we have reviewed the Applications received. We will notify You of our decision. We cannot provide feedback on Your Application.
1.4. We may display details of successful Projects on our website.
2. Who Can Apply
2.1. You must complete in detail the information set out in our Application form online. This can be found at
2.2. Only one Application per cause or organisation will be considered. Duplicated or multiple applications will not be considered and may disqualify Your request for Funding. Applications of the following type will not be considered:
2.2.1. Promoting political activities or religious beliefs or similar causes unless proven to wholly benefit the community;
2.2.2. Used to pay salaries, expenses or running costs;
2.2.3. Make grants or offer funding to any other persons or organisations whether worthy or otherwise;
2.2.4. Projects started before we decide to Fund them;
2.2.5. Projects for which public authorities are responsible;
2.2.6. Sponsored events;
2.2.7. Projects not wholly within the Channel Islands;
2.2.8. Projects which, at our sole discretion, could harm the reputation of Condor.
2.3. By completing an Application You agree any Funding You receive is subject to these terms and conditions.
3. Definitions
3.1. In these terms and conditions:
3.1.1. “Application” means the form You completed requesting Funding;
3.1.2. “Fund or Funding” means the Condor Community Funding we give You for the Project;
3.1.3. “Project” means the project You described in detail on Your Application;
3.1.4. “We”, “us”, “our”, “Condor” means Condor Limited, New Jetty Offices, White Rock, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2LL and any affiliates or associate entities, including our employees.
3.1.5. “You”, “Your” means the person, charity or organisation named in the Application.
4. Our Contract with You
4.1. By making an Application and accepting the Funding You also accept Your obligations arising from these terms and conditions.
4.2. We will confirm if You are successful in Your Application for Funding by writing to You at the e-mail or other address entered on the Application.
5. Your Obligations
5.1. You will act in good faith when administering and carrying out the Project. You will not give us false, inaccurate or misleading information about Your Project or use the Fund for anything other than the Project set out within Your Application and agreed with Condor.
5.2. You can only spend the Funding to carry out the Project described within the Application.
5.3. When completing Your Project You agree and confirm You shall:
5.3.1. To acquire all the necessary permissions before commencing Your Project, keeping them current and comply with all obligations arising from them;
5.3.2. Maintain clear and accurate records of how You spend the Funding;
5.3.3. Immediately share records of the Project with us if we ask You to.
6. Report of Project Progress
6.1. We may make reasonable request for You to report on the benefits achieved by the Project. You agree to report to us promptly and in the detail we request. If we ask to meet with Your officers or agents, they must do so within reasonable notice.
6.2. You must provide us with additional information or documents we ask for to verify that You only used Your Funding for the Project in accordance with these terms and conditions.
6.3. We may use Your reports or some of its content to publicise the Condor Community Fund.
6.4. When the Project is complete or otherwise terminated You agree to submit a post Project report in a form we request. We may also ask for updates after the Project is completed.
7. Publicity and Marketing
7.1. You agree we may use information including images provided by You for publicity or marketing purposes. We may publicise details of Projects online and elsewhere and without notice, to promote the Condor Community Fund. You agree we may edit or change the wording of any content You give to us.
7.2. You agree to follow any brand guidelines we give You when You mention the Condor Community Fund in Your own publicity or marketing. It is Your responsibility to promote Your cause or Project.
7.3. If You supply us with any photographs, logos, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, You grant us worldwide and irrevocable licence to use, publish and reproduce them in any media, wherever and whenever we so choose. Condor shall have no obligation to inform You of its publicity and marketing initiatives.
7.4. Any photos, logos, trademarks or other intellectual property rights You give us, You warrant and confirm You have:
7.4.1. Ownership of them;
7.4.2. The right to give us licence to use them as described in clause 7.3 above;
7.4.3. Permission of anyone who appears in a photo we can use it;
7.4.4. Their parent or legal guardian's permission we may use it for any person in a photo under the age of 18;
7.4.5. Confirmed they don't infringe on anyone else's intellectual property rights.
8. Return of Funding
8.1. We have the right to ask You to return all or any part of Your Funding if we have good reason to believe You used it or any part of it:
8.1.1. On anything other than the Project agreed:
8.1.2. In a manner that, at the sole discretion of Condor, goes against the purpose of the Condor Community Fund or otherwise in breach of these terms and conditions.
9. Termination of the Contract
9.1. Our contract with You will continue until You have spent all Funding given to You for the Project and we have finished marketing it.
9.2. We may choose not to pay You any or all of the Funding and/or end the contract with You immediately if You:
9.2.1. Fail to comply with any of these terms and conditions;
9.2.2. Cause serious damage to our brand, our reputation or goodwill whether in connection with the Project or otherwise;
9.2.3. Become unable to comply with these terms and conditions or maintain or complete the Project.
10. Your Data
10.1. Information and data You give us about the Project (including personal data defined by the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 in the UK) will still belong to You but You agree we and our agents have the right to use it howsoever we choose (for example: statistical analysis, market research, marketing and publicity, or auditing).
10.2. Before You pass data on to us, You need to tell whoever the data is about that we (and anyone working for us, will be able to see it and use it, and get their consent for that.
11. Obligations of Condor
Act responsibly, comply with all relevant laws and regulations including those relating to funding community projects and data protection.
12. Your Obligations
12.1. You agree not to transfer any part of the Funding out of the Channel Islands or any of Your rights under it to any other organisation or person whatsoever unless You have prior written authority to work with them from Condor to carry out the Project.
12.2. We will not accept changes to these terms and conditions unless we agree to them in writing.
12.3. When we communicate with You by post we shall assume You received it after three full working days. If we write to You by email we will assume You received it the next working day so long as it is not returned to us.
13. Contact and General Details
13.1. You can write to the Condor Community Team at
13.2. We will write to You at the email address on Your Application.
13.3. These terms and conditions and the documents included in them such as the Application contain everything agreed between us about the Fund.
13.4. These terms and conditions, Your Fund, and any disputes or claims in connection with them shall be governed by the laws of Guernsey. The courts of Guernsey shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction.
13.5. If a court decides any part of these terms and conditions are not enforceable at law then all remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.
13.6. We can change or vary these terms and conditions by giving You reasonable notice of the change or variation.