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12 ThingsYou Didn'tKnow About Cherbourg

1. Cherbourg has a twin

Cherbourg is twinned with Poole – one of our UK ferry ports!


2. A Wonder of Europe

Cherbourg is home to the Europe’s largest man-made harbour – Built in 1853, the harbour took 70 years to build, you can catch a tour in July & August.

3. Titanic Stop

The Titanic docked here to pick up 34,000 KG of meat, 15,000 bottles of beer and 10,000 bottles of wine!

4. Discover a piece of history

Cherbourg was the homeport for the D Day beaches & sites.

5. Cherbourg has a UNESCO Site

Cherbourg is home to Mont Saint Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The medieval monastery is perched on top of a small island has long captivated pilgrims, artists and tourists with its gravity-defying beauty.

6. Cherbourg's a star!

Cherbourg had a starring role in the 1960s film, The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg. The film has won many awards and been nominated for multiple Oscars. The Umbrella Store used for filming still has the original Les Parapluies de Cherbourg sign. Take a tour round Cherbourg and see the sights for yourself!

7. You can discover the depths of the sea

The city is home to Europe’s largest cyndrical aquarium, La Cité de La Mar, which showcases 17 vibrant aquariums, one measuring 11 metres deep! You can board the Largest submarine, Le Redoutable, and even enjoy a virtual adventure in the sea with the attraction’s ‘Walking into the Depths’.

8. You can have a taste of Italy

The Cherbourg Theatre is inspired by Italian architecture and was decorated by the same artists as the infamous Paris Opera House. The theatre is also known as the ‘Golden Theatre’ and is a listed building that is one of Cherbourg’s main theatres.

9. You can see some stunning greenery

Cherbourg is infamous for its greenery – Two parks in the city have won Remarkable Garden awards: Liais Park for its exotic greenhouse and Château des Ravalet, a fusion of English & French gardens.

10. Cherbourg is a place of the arts

Cherbourg has a vibrant cultural scene, the city runs an artistic programme from September to June on its multi-purpose national stage. There’s something for everyone from classical to contemporary theatre and a diverse musical selection, dance shows and shows for little ones!

11. You can feed your adrenaline addiction

For thrill seekers, the beaches of Cherbourg host a range of sea sports for you to try. In Cherbourg you can have a go at sand yachting, surfing, windsurfing and kayaking. You can either try your hand at scuba diving and discover the wonders of The English Channel.

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