Pont-ScoffSalmon Festival

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06/07/2018 - 08/07/2018

There's no to need go to Scotland or Norway to spot this fish. Pont-Scorff has plenty and celebrates its pink friends every July with three days of concerts and entertainment.

Owing to its location and history, Pont-Scoff has forged close links with salmon fishing, and has been celebrating the 'King of Fish' for a good 15 years. But this festival is much more than just a fishing trip. The programme promises all sorts of fun and festive concerts, unusual story-walks, an eco-friendly music workshop for learning to make music with home-made instruments, cooking workshops, and special meals - featuring salmon of course! You're also likely to come across the GASE brigade (an environmental protection action group), who will be presenting some of their highly imaginative ways to save the planet.

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