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Keep an eye out for Guernsey’s Wild Flowers. Rare orchids, exotic lilies, pink Pimpernels … Guernsey’s mild maritime climate and early spring keep the island decorated in colourful wildflowers for most of the year. Here’s what to look out for on your next visit…
March - Bluebells in the wood

In late March and early April there is an explosion of blue in a secluded wood near St Peter Port when the area becomes carpeted with hundreds of native Bluebells to mark the start of Guernsey’s early spring.  



April - colourful clifftops

Miniature lilac Sand Crocuses and bright pink Sea Thrift flowers make a walk along Guernsey’s sunny cliffs a riot of colour. Guernsey has 28 miles of dramatic clifftop paths to explore.



May - fields of wild orchids and Giant Echiums

The Bridget Ozanne Orchid Fields of Les Vicheries are considered the best in the British Isles, resplendent with four varieties of wild orchids. Also in evidence are the Giant Echiums, their spectacular flower spikes reaching heights of three metres or more.



June - a burst of yellow!

The bright Yellow Flag Iris is in full bloom in streams and shallow ponds around Guernsey, whilst the equally bright yellow
St Johns-Wort can be spotted in the island’s hedge banks and coastal grasslands. 



July - spot a Guernsey native and an elusive Pimpernel

The red-brown spikes of the Channel Island native Galingale flower can be spotted in damp meadows, as can the Bog Pimpernel, a rarer and smaller pink relative of the Scarlet Pimpernel. The warm summer weather also sees the ‘St Peter Port Daisy’ adorning the walls of the town.



August - tread carefully!

Watch where you step, as the miniature Guernsey Centuary is in bloom - its tiny pale pink flowers are just 1mm long and only open in bright sunlight. This rare Guernsey species is not found anywhere else in the British Isles. 



September - the smallest of orchids

The smallest of Guernsey’s wild orchids is the Autumn Lady’s Tresses, a spiral of small white flowers found popping up in church yards and short turf. 



October - the Guernsey Lily

The Guernsey Lily originated in South Africa and was the first of the Nerine species to be cultivated in Europe. Its bright pink firework-shaped blooms pop up in October as other flora starts to fade. 


The natural flora of Guernsey and its fellow Channel Islands is also celebrated with open gardens, walks and talks during the spring and autumn Floral Guernsey Festivals, and the Sark Wildflower fortnight (April/May).  


For more on Guernsey’s flowers visit floralguernsey or call 01481 723552.