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Life beside the seaside, especially in Summer time is simply majestic. We’ve created our “top 10 things to do” to ensure that you make the most of an authentic seaside experience. Jersey and Guernsey play host to over 30 beaches, so there’s plenty of room to get started! Try them all if you can

Beach BBQ

Grab yourself a disposable BBQ and head down to one of your favourite beaches. Pick up some sausages from a local butcher, and enjoy your seaside dinner alfresco!

Beach Games

The beach provides plenty of space for getting active and playing some games and it’s a great way to warm up and dry off after a splash in the sea. Some of our favourites include frisbee, rounders and volleyball as they’re great for getting the whole family involved.

Build Sandcastles

Get creative with the kids and enjoy an afternoon of sandcastle building, with a bucket and spade as your trusty tools, and maybe a windmill for presentation! You could also build a moat, digging deep until the water rises up through the sand.

Enjoy the Local Fish and Chips

A tasty option for the evening is to buy the family fish and chips to take away, before heading down to a secluded spot on the beach, to devour the seaside classic and watch as the sun disappears beyond the horizon.

Have an Iconic 99

A holiday at the beach wouldn’t be complete without a traditional 99 with a chocolate flake! Or enjoy some of the local ice cream and with all the different flavours to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Make a Keepsake

Get the little ones to look for seashells, driftwood and unusually shaped pebbles. These make lovely decorations for the house and will be a constant reminder of your wonderful family holiday. Also, write messages in the sand alongside your children’s footprints before capturing a photo - another great keepsake of your seaside break.

Rock Pooling

Children will love to discover the creatures that live beside the sea, so a morning or afternoon spent exploring rock pools will be thoroughly enjoyed. All you need is a bucket and a net, which will be readily available at one of the many shops on the sea front.

Send a Loved One a Postcard

Take a look in all the beachside gift shops set along the sea front. Pick postcards for the children to write and send home to grandparents and school friends, not forgetting to take home a stick or two of rock as gifts for those that didn’t come along.

Take a Dip

Whether you choose to paddle or fully submerge, the waves are sure to have you jumping about and will soon warm you up. The shallow waters where the sea meets the sand are super for infants as the mixture of textures provides great sensory play.

Visit Something Historic

With so much to see and do, make sure you pop by and experience your own slice of History. The Channel Islands are bursting at the seams with it, so there’s plenty to go around!