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Bored of bagging the same old Pokémon? Why not consider taking the kids on a Pokémon Go adventure in Jersey or Guernsey! Whether you're setting out as a new trainer, or are a seasoned explorer on the road to catching them all, you can take full advantage of the vast variety of Pokémon found across the Channel Islands' stunning locations and attractions!


Combine a day of relaxation with grass and bug Pokémon hunting at the Botanical Gardens at Samarès Manor in Jersey and you might also run into some of your favourites like Bulbasaur or Scyther.


Created in the 1920’s, the historic Botanical Gardens at Samarès Manor offer you a tranquil day out as you roam the established gardens and manor house in search for an array of grass and bug types. After wandering around the estate of extensive flora, top off your day of relaxation by adding a Vileplume or Pinsir to your Pokédex



Guernsey’s Vazon Bay is not only a magnet for tourists searching for breathtaking sea views but also a prime location for adding the likes of Kingler and Squirtle to your collection.


Take your Pokémon hunting quest to Vazon Bay, where any time you’re not catching the more elusive water Pokémon like Seadra and Starmie can be spent watching the extreme sports enthusiasts who are lured to the stretch of expansive beach and strikingly blue seas.


Fancy uncovering your favourite fossil Pokémon? Aerodactyl could be waiting for you as you throw yourself back in time at the fascinating Jersey Museum.


Want to discover history stretching back to 250,000 years ago whilst digging up fossils on Pokémon Go? Then why not take a trip to the intriguing Jersey Museum? With displays surrounding Celtic treasure hoards, Jersey’s prehistoric Ice Age and the Claude Cahun art exhibition, you can mix together a day of culture with a chance of uncovering a Kabutops or an Omastar.


Indulge in the spectrum of cuisines offered in Guernsey’s International food festival where you could potentially swipe a Snorlax.


Spoil yourself at the Guernsey International Food Festival with events ranging from the Taste of Southern India to Beach BBQ Cook-offs. With a mouth watering menu and event line-up on offer, there is a good chance both you and your Pokémon collection will be full to the brim by the end of the day.


Tired of meeting the same old Magikarp? Immerse yourself in one of Jersey’s Seafaris for a chance of hooking the rarer water Pokémon like Gyarados and Poliwrath.


Dive into a Jersey Seafari for a well-balanced combination of scenery, wildlife and exhilaration. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphin and seal sightings as you explore the cliffs and caves of Jersey’s beautiful shore line whilst also staying on the lookout for rare water-types on your Pokémon Go adventure. A trip across to France for lunch or dinner means that you’ll be able to recharge your batteries to carry on the hunt.


Explore Guernsey’s glorious countryside through the self guided “Tasty Walks” to rack up those essential kilometres necessary for all your egg hatching pleasure.


What better way to hatch your 2, 5 and 10km Pokémon eggs than on one of Guernsey’s unique Tasty Walks? With a massive choice of 18 different self guided strolls, you won’t be stuck for choice of which route you can take to explore the Island’s range of restaurants and stunning scenery.