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Q&A with students who recently spent time at Condor Ferries, doing Fleet Engineering Internships. Working in the Fleet & Asset department and gaining experience both onboard the ship and within an office department, including visiting dry docks.

At Condor Ferries, we take on two university students every year to join our Fleet Engineering Internship. They work within the Fleet & Asset department and gain a vast amount of experience both onboard the ship and within an office department, including visiting dry docks.

We decided to interview them this year, and find out what they thought of their experience!

Here is what they said:

  • Have you enjoyed your time with Condor?

T: Yes!

C: Yes!


  • What has been the favourite part of the role?

T: Going down to dry dock, and getting to see what we have learnt already ‘in action’ in the real world. It’s really hands on, and I enjoy that.

C: For me, the times when we have been working with different engineers with vast amounts of experience, and different ideas about the role and how to do things has been great.



  • What’s the best thing about Condor as a company?

T: The people!

C: Working with industry experts who are all really happy to share their knowledge with you to help you learn and develop within the role.

T: The atmosphere at Condor is great, it’s like one big family


  • What are the challenges at Condor as an intern?

T: Working within a corporate company, and getting to know how that works was a challenge. Condor is the biggest company I’ve worked for so far, so I wasn’t used to that.

C: Getting used to working in an office environment, and doing the Mon-Fri 9-5, was a struggle at first.

T: Oh and also people understanding my Irish accent!


  • Have you gained the best experience that you hoped for?

C: That’s difficult because I didn’t really know what I was expecting before I started my internship with Condor.

T: Yes, me too.

C: I definitely feel that I have learnt a lot and gained the most experience that I could from my time with Condor.

T: I would have liked more time onboard the ship, perhaps. However, because part of our role towards the end of our internship is to prepare a plan for next year’s interns, I’ve made sure that more time at sea is included for the two new interns that have started this year


  • What’s the next steps now? Back to university?

C: Yes, we’re back to university, I’ve got 2 years left as I’m studying for my Masters

T: I’ve got 1 year, but may stay for my Masters. I’m not sure yet.

C: We’re both at Liverpool John Moore’s University and both studying the same course.


  • So what’s your career goals?

C: I want to work for the British Antarctic Survey. It’s a research programme for the Government and I’d like to be a Research Engineer onboard one of their research ships.

T: I’m not sure. Within the Marine Industry, I would like to work at sea to develop my knowledge and experience, and then perhaps come shore-side and work as a Ship Manager. I’ve yet to decide though!


  • And, most importantly, what’s your favourite Condor ship?

C: Condor Liberation. It’s really high tech, very cutting edge and the most advanced ship in the Condor fleet I think.

T: For me, Commodore Clipper. It’s a ‘proper ship’! It has all the technology and some systems that the high speed crafts don’t have.