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Maximum of 9 passengers allowed on the outward.

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Max length of motorhome 7m
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If you are travelling on business or in a commercial vehicle please click here for Condor Ferries Freight.

Please note that any person or vehicle travelling for business or commercial venture, carrying commercial goods/samples will need to book via our freight teams and do not qualify for leisure fares. In addition, if the vehicle being taken is designed for the carriage of commercial goods it shall be reserved as freight regardless of its dimensions. For more information please call our Contact Centre on 0345 609 1024.

You must obtain a permit for a Motorhome or Caravan prior to your arrival in Jersey. More info>

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Our customer support team have used their knowledge to put together a list of answers to your most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, then please get in touch!

  • Before Departure

  • Do I ever have to change Ships?

    Many of Condor Ferries sailings involve a short stop in either Jersey or Guernsey. Some services may require a change of ship in the Channel Islands. These are described as connecting services. 

    UK to France sailings involve the use of connecting services. This means a simple change of ferry in either Jersey or Guernsey is required. The sailing times will be displayed as part of your itinerary online with details of time spent in the Channel Islands between these connecting services.

    Guernsey to St. Malo - There are many services available between Guernsey and St. Malo that are either direct or indirect via Jersey. There are also many additional services where you can change ship in Jersey with a short connecting time (between 1-6 hours). Further details of the time spent in Jersey between these connecting services will be displayed as part of your itinerary online. 

  • Do you send out tickets?

    E-boarding cards will now be issued 24 hours before departure, detailing your allocated seat number to make your boarding process quicker and easier. There’s now no need to check in at our ticket offices if you print these off at home or show them on a mobile device as you pass through security and board. 

    If you have booked via a tour operator, your e-boarding card will be issued to them.

    If you do not have your e-boarding card for travel please arrive at the port with sufficient time to collect your boarding card from the check in desk within our minimum check in times. You will need your booking reference number.

    If you've booked over the phone, we will ask you for an email address in order to send you an electronic booking confirmation and e-boarding card. Please ensure we hold an up to date email address on your booking. You can check your details online in our Manage My Account area.

  • Do I need a valid passport to travel?

    If you are travelling between the UK and the Channel Islands, then you do not need your passport for travel. However, we recommend that you have a suitable proof of identity with you when you travel (e.g. driving licence or other photo ID)

    But don't forget you'll need a valid passport OR National Identity Card for travel to and from France.

    Passengers travelling to and from St. Malo must ensure that their passport(s) OR National Identity Card(s) is available for inspection and the correct and valid documentation is being carried. Visas are required by some non EEC nationals. If you are travelling to or from France, we ask that you complete your advance passenger information (API) at least 24 Hrs before your travel.  You can complete this here. If you have not supplied this information before you travel, we’re sorry but you won’t be able to travel.

  • What do I need on the day I sail?

    Before you leave for the port, please ensure you have printed your e-boarding card which will have been emailed to you. If you do not have this, then please arrive with your booking reference number which will have been detailed on your confirmation Email. Please leave plenty of time to collect your e-boarding card and get onboard the ship. Please ensure all baggage is correctly labelled with your destination (labels are available at the port).

    Before you leave the house, please check if you will need your passport or any other form of identification. You will not need your passport when travelling between the UK and Channel Islands or Inter Island, but you will need a valid passport or National Identity Card when travelling to or from France. 

    If you are travelling to or from France, we ask that you complete your advance passenger information (API) at least 24 Hrs before your travel.  You can complete this here. If you have not supplied this information before you travel, we’re sorry but you won’t be able to travel.

  • Do I need travel insurance and breakdown cover?

    We recommend that you take out adequate insurance to provide protection against delays, loss or damage to personal effects, vehicles and other property as well as medical cover, vehicle breakdown insurance and personal travel cover for cancellation of journeys for reasons beyond our control. 

    Please note that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  is not valid in the Channel Islands. 

  • Can I receive updates on the day of travel?

    If, for some reason, we encounter a delay, we will send you a text message and / or email detailing any changes to the schedule, alternatively you can call our team on 0345 609 1024. The sailing updates page on our website will also be updated daily with any additional information or changes. So that you can be certain we can get you the most up to date information please make sure we hold your current contact information. You can check your details online in our Manage My Account area. You can also follow us on Twitter.

  • Is the 2019 schedule live?

    The 2019 schedule is currently live with sailings available up to 5th January 2020.

  • If I make a booking in the port office or via the reservations department, will I be able to amend my booking online?

    If you have an online account, you can amend all your bookings online, including those made on the phone or in person can be amended online. However, connecting services are not amendable online.

  • Do I need an environmental badge for driving in France?

    At the beginning of 2017, the French government brought in a new scheme to categorise vehicles according to how polluting they are to the environment using a system of colour-coded stickers.

    The scheme now operates in more than 27 environmental zones across France, including Paris, Grenoble, Lyon and Rennes.

    Foreign vehicles must adhere to the scheme so, if you plan to travel in these cities, you will need to order the correct sticker for your vehicle in advance.

    You will find more information about the scheme and how to get a sticker for your vehicle at

  • Advance Passenger Information

  • Why do you need to know my date of birth? You’ve never wanted it before?

    As part of a European Union directive (Directive 2010/65/EU) we are required to collect the full name, date of birth and nationality of every passenger travelling to or from France in order for the authorities to undertake entry and exit checks. This is called Advance Passenger Information – or API.

    To speed up your journey through our ports, you should supply this information to us online before you travel. If you don’t give us these details in advance, you will be stopped at boarding and asked to add your API to your booking before continuing on your journey. API information can be added online through Manage My Account at any time once you have booked.

    These changes do not apply to travel to or from the Channel Islands and the UK or inter island travel.

  • I wasn’t allowed to board with my E-boarding card because it says I have data missing? Will the ship wait for me? If not, do I get a refund?

    Giving us your full name, date of birth and nationality (or Advance Passenger Information - API) is a requirement of EU Directive 2010/65/EU. If you do not give us these details before you travel, we will ask you to provide your API before departure. Please make sure you allow enough time to do this as boarding gates will close 40 minutes before departure if you are a foot passenger and one hour prior to departure if travelling by Car, and the ship will not wait. If this information is not completed before the boarding gates close, you will not be allowed to travel and you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

    These changes do not apply to travel to or from the Channel Islands and the UK or inter island travel.

  • Why didn’t I get my e-boarding card emailed to me?

    E-boarding cards will be sent within 24 hours prior to departure to the email address you entered on your booking – please make sure that it’s accurate and up to date. To get the e-boarding card, your booking must be fully paid for and all mandatory information completed. Remember from time to time, our emails may be filtered into your spam folder by mistake so please check there if in doubt.

    Along with your e-boarding card, you will receive an overview of your booking confirmation. Please ensure that you print all pages of your PDF as you will need all the individual boarding cards with their QR code to check in.

  • I don’t have my return E-boarding card, when will I get it?

    E-boarding cards will be sent approximately 24 hours before departure to the email address you entered on the booking.

  • I am on holiday, how can I print my e-boarding cards?

    E-boarding cards can be downloaded and scanned from a mobile device. Alternatively if you do not have access to a printer, you can check-in as normal at the check-in desk, however, please allow plenty of time for this. Boarding gates will close 40 minutes before departure if you are travelling on foot, and one hour before if travelling in a Car.

  • Can the boarding codes be scanned from my phone?

    E-boarding cards can be downloaded and scanned from a mobile device but - we must warn you – it may be difficult for our scanners to read the QR codes, depending on the clarity of the phone screen, the brightness and the make, model of the device.

  • Why are the boarding cards different from the previous one?

    We have invested in new boarding card printers. They are more modern and faster allowing us to make the boarding process quicker and more efficient for our passengers.

  • Bookings

  • Can I buy standby tickets at the port?

    Subject to seat and car deck availability Condor Ferries offers the opportunity to purchase last minute tickets at the port and at the fare quoted on the day. There is no reduction in fare for this service. A sales service is operated at check-in desk at all ports. Passengers intending to purchase last minute tickets should be at the check-in no later than one hour before stated departure time. There are no guarantees that space will be available but our teams will be able to advise you. 

  • I need to change my booking. How can I do this? Is there a charge?

    You can make changes to your bookings online, at your local port or by phone. You can change the date of your sailing, add or remove passengers, upgrade your seats as well as change passenger names.

    If you have booked via a tour operator or travel agent, you will need to contact them to make any amendments to your booking.

    Your booking can be updated online, up to 24 hours before departure, prior to your e-boarding cards being issued. If you are unable to amend your booking online, please call our Contact Centre on 0345 609 1024, or alternatively, you can visit or call your local port.. To amend your booking visit Manage My Account and select the relevant booking reference, followed by the modify button which will appear underneath. You will then be able to amend the following parts of your journey:

    • Upgrade your seats
    • Amend your sailings
    • Change the passenger names
    • Add or remove passengers
    • Add or remove a vehicle
    • Amending your vehicle type


    Please note that if you wish you upgrade your seating, there will be no amendment fee applied.
    Once you have made the changes to your booking, you will be charged the relevant fee as well as any increase in fares, and a new booking confirmation will be issued. Bookings are currently free to amend online up to seven days before departure.

    Please note that an amendment fee will apply if you have already travelled on the outward leg of the journey.
    Amending your booking will be subject to our amendment fee policy in addition to any changes in fare:



     >28 days before departure

    7-27 days before departure

    Within 7 days





    Ports & Contact Centre




  • What is my booking reference number?

    Your booking reference number is the unique booking number that is given to you when you book to travel with Condor Ferries. It will appear on all Condor Ferries booking confirmations, invoices and E- boarding cards and helps us to maintain a high standard of Customer Service. You may be asked for this number when you travel so it is best to keep it to hand when travelling. If you have any questions about your Condor Ferries booking reference number, do give us a call on 0345 609 1026.

  • Why do I have to give names of everyone travelling on my booking?

    The European Passenger Registration Directive means that ferry companies cannot set sail until they have details of all passengers travelling on their ships. We require full names and gender for all passengers travelling on each leg of the journey. If you are travelling to or from France, you will also need to provide the date of birth and nationality of all passengers on the booking and to make sure the name entered matches the details your passport exactly. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is accurate. You can check your details online in our Manage My Account area.

  • How can I pay for my booking?

    We accept most major credit & debit cards (except for American Express and Electron) and do not apply charges for customers using credit or debit cards when making bookings. Reservations must be paid in full at time of booking, where Condor Ferries will then issue a booking confirmation by email. All internet bookings will receive a booking confirmation by email. Booking confirmations are an important document and are required to collect your boarding passes on the day of departure should you not receive an e-boarding card.

  • Can I book a different number of passengers on the outbound / return journey online?

    If you have a different number of passengers travelling on the outbound leg of your journey to the return, or vice versa; your booking cannot be completed online. Please call our reservations team on 0345 609 1026 who will be happy to help you. Bookings with the same number of passengers travelling outward and return can be booked online.

  • Why do I have to give a mobile phone number and / or email address?

    We use your mobile phone number so that we can advise you of any significant changes to your sailings by text message or phone call.

    We use your email address in order to send your booking confirmation. You may also opt in or out to receive details of any upcoming special offers or useful information about future services. The majority of our customers have expressed a preference for receiving information via email or text messages to their mobile phone.

    Of course, if you don't have access to email or have any special requests or will require assistance please call 0345 609 1026 when you have completed your booking.

    You can check your details online in our Manage My Account.

  • Why can I only book Ocean Club on connecting services from Guernsey to France?

    At the moment, our system is only showing that you can book Ocean Club seating on journeys from Guernsey to France as opposed to offering Ocean Traveller (standard) seating as an option too.

    We are aware of this and are in the process of updating our system, so we do apologise for any inconvenience this causes you.

    There are however two ways around this:

    • You can make your booking online, and book the Ocean Club seating. You can then call our Contact centre Team on 0345 609 1024 who will amend your booking for free and refund you the additional cost.
    • You can call our Contact centre on 0345 609 1024 and they will create the booking for you.
  • Do I have to pay a booking fee?

    A £4 fee applies to bookings made at the port or over the phone. So why not book online and save £4.

  • Do you offer seating upgrade options?

    You can upgrade your seats at time of booking, or in the port and onboard. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment and to ensure you travel in your preferred seating class. Please note that those travelling with children must book them in the same seating class as the rest of the party travelling, children mustn’t be left unaccompanied. Both adults and children travelling will require to pay for their seating upgrade.

  • Cancellations

  • I need to cancel my booking. Do you charge for cancelling a booking?

    If you are unable to travel on your booking or one of the journeys, you can cancel online, at your local port or by phone.

    If you have not booked directly through Condor and have booked through a tour operator, please contact their relevant teams to update your booking. Unfortunately Condor Ferries cannot offer a refund on day trip bookings, therefore a 100% fee will apply. However, you can amend your booking online free of charge 7 days prior to travel should your plans change.


    Below charges are applicable per booking for the total journey price and in all cases, 100% of the booking fee and amendment fee is chargeable upon cancelling the booking.


    28 before departure

    7-27 days before

    2-6 days before

    Within 48 hours

    Within 24 hours






    If a passenger fails to cancel a booking before the latest check in time or does not join the sailing as booked, a 100% charge of the value of that journey will be levied. In any event there is a minimum cancellation fee of £25.

    Bookings must be cancelled through our website, Reservations or a Port Office.

    If you have booked travel through a tour operator, please contact their relevant teams to update your booking.

  • Manage My Account

  • Why do I need a password, how do I change it and what happens if I have forgotten it?

    To book online with Condor Ferries you will be required to provide a password so you can logon in the future. If you come back to book online again this will make your booking quicker as it will minimise the amount of information you have to re enter.

    To change your password please click on 'Manage my Account' and log in with your existing password where you will then be given the option to change your password.

    If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgotten your details?' link once you have entered your email address. We will then send you a link to your previously nominated email address.

  • Student Discount

  • I am a student, do I get a discount?

    Students who hold a college, University, NUS or ISIC card can enjoy a 15% discount on all fares (excluding accommodation) on producing a valid card at the port. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount i.e. Frequent Traveller discount and is not available when booking online.

    The following criteria is applies:

    • Officially produced student card (EG laminated or a plastic card)
    • Valid on the date of travel
    • Showing that the passenger is in full time education
    • A letter from the learning institution confirming student status

    Please note that student discount only applies to the individual travelling and no one else in their party/booking.

  • Pricing

  • Do I have to pay a fuel surcharge?

    Condor Ferries does not charge passengers a fuel surcharge.

  • Why are some prices different to others for the same route?

    All our prices are subject availability, as demand increases and sailings begin to fill, our prices tend to increase. We suggest you book early to secure your chosen travel dates.

  • Medical conditions and pregnancy

  • Can I sail if I have a medical condition?

    Travel by sea in adverse weather conditions can be stressful and unpleasant. Passengers with known or suspected health problems, pregnant passengers and passengers undergoing medical treatment are advised to seek medical advice before travelling.

  • Can I sail if I am pregnant?

    Passengers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant will not be accepted for travel without a doctor's certificate. Passengers who check with their doctor and do not have permission are liable to be denied boarding and will not be eligible for a refund. Condor Ferries will not accept passengers for carriage more than 34 weeks pregnant. For more information please see our terms and conditions.

  • Frequent Traveller Club

  • How can I renew my Frequent Traveller Club membership?

    It's important to renew your membership before it expires. You can renew by emailing, by calling our Contact Centre on 0345 609 1024 or by visiting your nearest port. Please note that if your membership expires and you wish to re-join the Frequent Traveller Club, you will be a charged a joining administration fee of £12.50 on top of your annual membership.

    For more information on the Frequent Traveller Club, including annual membership fees and how to join, click here

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