05 September 2017 17:30 - Ferry News

Condor Ferries’ statement on today’s weather disruption

THIS afternoon, as Condor Liberation approached Jersey, she encountered previously forecast inclement weather which combined with unexpectedly high winds, gusting around 38 knots. On arrival in Jersey waters, the wind speed and direction, coupled with high tides meant that the Captain decided it would be safest to divert to Guernsey.

Passengers onboard have returned to Guernsey and will complete their journey to Jersey, subject to space available, onboard Commodore Clipper, with an arrival time approximately three hours later than scheduled.

Passengers due to travel on Condor Liberation from Jersey to Guernsey will be transferred to the next available service or offered a full refund. Those in Jersey wishing to travel to Poole they will be transferred to the Clipper service to Portsmouth, where space permits, this evening.

Captain Fran Collins, Condor’s Executive Director – Operations, said, ‘We apologise to everyone affected by the disruption to our service this afternoon as the inclement weather was forecast but wind speeds were much higher than predicted. The safety of our passengers is our absolute top priority and the changes we are making are to ensure everyone reaches their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.’

Condor Liberation will now operate from Guernsey to Poole at her scheduled time of 18:10, arriving at 21:10. Commodore Clipper departs Guernsey at 18:15, arriving in Jersey at 20:15, and onward to Portsmouth at approximately 22:15.

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