10 September 2010 - Channel Islands Press Release

Condor works to increase the number of late winter departures to France

Condor Ferries is working to revise its winter route schedule to provide a later departure time to France on those Fridays which dont already offer a departure "after work" in the run up to Christmas.

In creating the schedule for this winter, Condor Ferries has undertaken significent analyses of past travel patterns, spontaneous customer feedbaclk and independent customer research including that from customers in Jersey who travel to St Malo. Like most transport operators, Condor Ferries operate to a number of ferry ports in the course of their daily operations and, just like an airline schedule, has to balance the needs of customers across the whole network.

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02 September 2010 - UK Press Release

Kids help Condor Ferries get more family friendly

Condor Ferries has enlisted the help of a mum and her three young children to make its ferry services more family friendly. 

Michelle Leicester, from Poole in Dorset and her three children have designed a new activity book for younger passengers. 

The book, which is full of games, puzzles and colouring competitions, is provided free to all children travelling on ferry to France and the Channel Islands from Weymouth, Poole or Portsmouth.

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