17 June 2010 - UK Press Release

All Commodore Clipper passengers now ashore and onward travel

Passengers onboard the Commodore Clipper started to leave the ferry at 10.00pm last night and by 10.22pm they had all been escourted from the ship by Condor Ferries crew. Coaches were available to take them to local hotels in Portsmouth where they stayed overnight. 

This morning, Condor Ferries is cooperating with several agencies, including the Maritime and Coastguard Agency whose investigation is underway. The fire affected the lower vehicle deck and freight vehicles.

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17 June 2010 - Channel Islands Press Release

Condor Ferries adapts operations to support island life in response to Commodore Clipper incident

With the assistance of Condor Ferries, the majority of passengers who were travelling on the Commodore Clipper on 16 June 2010 have now been offered alternative ways to continue their journey following a night in a UK hotel. Condor Ferries staff are still supporting those passengers who remain in the Portsmouth area. A number of passengers have now travelled on independently in hire cars which Condor Ferries have provided. Just before 3pm, the internal ramp onboard the ship was lowered with the permission of the "MCA" and the "MAIB".

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16 June 2010 - UK Press Release

Vehicle deck fire contained on Commodore Clipper

At approximately 0300 this morning, 16 June 2010, a fire was detected on the lower vehicle deck of the freight and passenger ferry Commodore Clipper. The fire drenchers ont he vehicle decks have been activated to contain the fire and the fire appears to be suppressed.

All 62 passengers and 39 crew onboard have been mustered and accounted for.

The ferry is enroute from Jersey to Portsmouth and is currently close to the east coast of the Isle of Wight. Tugs are on hand to provide assistance. She is expected to arrive into Portsmouth shortly where she will be met by the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Condor Ferries is working closely with the Solent Coastguard and the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service.

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16 June 2010 - UK Press Release

All passengers safely disembarked from the Commodore Clipper and enroute to hotel accommodation

The 62 passengers onboard the Commodore Clipper ferry have now safely disembarked by foot, accommpanied by Condor Ferries staff and are being taken in coaches to overnight accommodation which has been arranged for them by the ferry company.

This action has been taken with the full agreement of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, the MCA and other agencies involved in the response to the incident today.

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