17 May 2017 17:14 - Press Release

Inter Island service update.

Statement regarding Guernsey CfED decision not to progress dedicated inter island ferry trial

CONDOR Ferries has been working closely with the Committee for Economic Development in Guernsey and the Minister for Economic Development in Jersey to explore options for a dedicated passenger-only ferry service between Guernsey and Jersey.

This follows publication of the Comprehensive Service Review (CSR) in November last year, which identified opportunities for enhancing day trips between the islands. The report acknowledged that there is a desire amongst islanders for enhanced inter-island transport links.

At the turn of the year, Condor presented an opportunity to trial a new inter island service: a pan-island initiative was established to assess the feasibility and a Condor project team identified potential vessels, operational considerations, costs and proposed fares.

Paul Luxon, CEO Condor Ferries, said:

"As a company, we fully understand the vital importance of sea, air and digital connectivity to ensure the continued economic success of the Islands in the 21


st century.

Clearly, it is disappointing that the States of Guernsey has opted not to proceed with the project which would have tested demand for inter-island "full day trips". My team has invested considerable effort, costs and expertise in getting the concept ready to launch within a few weeks from an agreement with the States of Guernsey.

The CSR indicated that a dedicated inter-island day trip service would not be sustainable however we remain willing to participate in an initial trial, with appropriate government support, over the summer months."

The company is continuing discussions with the Minister of Economic Development in Jersey on the options and more information will be released when available.

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03 May 2017 18:17 - General Press Release

Media Statement

CONDOR Liberation’s departure from Guernsey to Poole this afternoon was delayed by just under an hour after the ship came into light contact with a mooring pontoon in the harbour following her arrival from Jersey.

It is believed that a yacht moored in the harbour sustained minor damage: there are no casualties reported.

A thorough inspection of the ship’s hull confirmed that the ship has sustained no damage and was fit to continue her journey. Whilst this took place, passengers remained on board and they were cared for and kept up to date by the crew.

Liberation departed at 17:25 and is scheduled to arrive in Poole at 20:15 this evening.


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