15 April 2016 16:30 - Channel Islands Press Release

Condor Liberation - Sailing Update

Due to an unexpected and higher than forecast increase in wind speedsthis afternoon, with gusts recorded by Jersey Met in excess of  40 knots from the south, Condor Liberation has been unable to berth in Jersey. The combination of wind speed and direction, which is expected to be sustained until 1600hrs, breaches wind restrictions for all high-speed ferry operations in St Helier harbour.

As a result, Condor Liberation is returning to Guernsey and alternative travel arrangements are being put in place for those due to travel between the Islands today.

Passengers due to arrive in Jersey at 1345hrs will be able to travel later todayon Commodore Clipper, departing Guernsey at 1720hrs and arriving in Jersey at 1920hrs. All passengers due to travel to Poole from Jersey, will be able to rebook onto another high speed sailing to the UK or can travel overnight on Commodore Clipper to Portsmouth this evening, departing St Helier at 2120hrs.

Passengers travelling from Guernsey to Poole will be able to continue their journey on Liberation, arriving in Poole at 1945hrs.

Affected passengers both on board Liberation and in St Helier Harbour are being offered snacks and refreshments.

Wind speeds are forecast to decrease later this afternoon so Condor Rapide is expected to be able to sail to Jersey as scheduled.


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