30 April 2015 12:10 - General Press Release

Condor Ferries gives a Ferry mad fan an Easter trip to rememeber

Condor Ferries made one young ferry fan’s dreams come true during the Easter holidays, with a special trip onboard it’s new state-of-the-art high speed ferry, Condor Liberation.

Jacques Burnard, 12 from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire wrote to the ferry company expressing his keen interest in the launch of its new £50 million ferry, Condor Liberation. Explaining he and his family travel with Condor Ferries every year to visit family in Jersey, but wouldn’t be able to this year due to his mother’s ill health, Jacques shared his disappointment that he would miss out on seeing the new ship.

Being a keen ferry fan, Jacques had followed the story of Condor Liberation since last year, from the progress of her sailing from the Philippines to the UK, her fit-out in Poole and the naming competition that ran in the Channel Islands, where Islanders were able to make suggestions for what Condor should name its impressive new ferry. He even included Condor Ferries in a school project, which went down very well with his teachers.

Not wanting one of its biggest fans to miss out on experiencing its superb new ship, Condor invited Jacques and his family on a day trip to Guernsey during the Easter holidays, where they would get the opportunity to travel onboard Condor Liberation.

Jacques was delighted to receive the offer of the day trip. Travelling over the Easter weekend with his mum, Diane Mauger-Burnard and her partner, Bill Kemp, Jacques spent much of the journey exploring the new ferry and enjoying the fresh sea air from the top deck.  Seated in the Horizon Lounge, they were able to enjoy stunning panoramic views via floor-to-ceiling windows at the front of the ship, and Diane also took advantage of the new Duty Free shop, Adore stocking up on lots of goodies for the family to enjoy.

Once in Guernsey, the family spent the afternoon touring the Island by car and enjoyed some down-time relaxing on the beach. After tucking into a steak dinner, it was time for them to board the ferry for their return journey to Poole, which Jacques couldn’t wait to get back on!

After returning from his trip on Condor Liberation, Jacques said: “We had an amazing trip to Guernsey on Condor Liberation. I couldn’t believe it when Condor Ferries responded to my letter and offered me the chance to experience Condor Liberation for myself – I was ecstatic! I had been following the progress of the new ship for many months, so to actually get the chance to travel onboard was a real thrill. I’m a big ferry fan and I think Condor’s new ship is fantastic. I hope to be able to travel on her again lots more in the future. A huge thanks to Condor for the best trip ever!”

Diane added: “We are so grateful that Condor Ferries organised the trip for us. Jacques was very disappointed he was going to miss out travelling on the new ship this year, but now he couldn’t be happier – Condor really has made his dreams come true!”

Alicia Andrews, Executive Director - Commercial at Condor Ferries, commented: “We were delighted to be able to offer Jacques and his family a trip onboard our superb new ship. It was clear to see from his letter to us that he’s a big ferry fan, and had been taking a keen interest in Condor Liberation, so it was fantastic to be able to offer him the chance to experience the state-of-the-art ferry for himself.  We’re pleased that he so thoroughly enjoyed his time onboard and we hope to welcome Jacques and his family back onboard Condor Liberation again very soon.” 

All journeys to the Channel Islands are now completed on Condor Liberation from Poole, offering improved reliability, increased capacity, and a much greater level of comfort with smoother journeys. The new ship represents £50m of investment in the Channel Islands, securing the future of high speed ferry travel to the Islands.


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23 April 2015 13:15 - General Press Release

Media Statement

23 April 2015 

Captain Fran Collins, Executive Director – Operations at Condor Ferries said:

“When loading car ferries, it is important for both safety and passenger comfort that vehicles are placed in such a way as to create even weight distribution across the deck. We use information about the vehicles sailing on every journey to create a deck plan before sailing. This is why it is so important for us to receive the correct vehicle information when a booking is made.

“A small part of the forward area of Condor Liberation’s vehicle deck is open, something which is a common feature of modern high-speed ferries. Similar open decks are in use on ferries every day around the UK and have previously been used in the Channel Islands. Commodore Clipper also has open deck space which is used to carry vehicles on a daily basis.

“Whilst Condor Liberation’s bow is designed to push water away and minimise sea spray into the deck, in certain conditions some spray may enter the deck area. I have reminded my team of the importance of communicating this accurately to customers and would like to apologise to Mrs Dean if she was misinformed. 

“Although such short-term exposure to sea water is unlikely to harm the vehicle, and can be dealt with by rinsing as would be done to deal with road salt, we will continue to monitor the situation carefully to minimise inconvenience to our customers.”

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15 April 2015 09:00 - General Press Release

An open Letter from Russell Kew

I am sharing this letter with every customer who has written to us regarding their experience of travelling with us over the last couple of weeks, as well as many others who have been affected by, or aware of, the very disappointing start we have had with Condor Liberation.

The most important thing I can say is sorry; sorry to those customers who were delayed, diverted and had journeys disrupted, and sorry to their families, friends and colleagues who also experienced inconvenience and disappointment; sorry that many of you felt you didn’t get the right information at the right time, and of course, sorry to all our customers who were so looking forward to sailing on Condor Liberation, and haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so.

Let me explain what has happened.

At the end of last year, around 50 Condor crew and engineers were involved in sailing Condor Liberation to Poole from the Philippines. Our £50m investment in our new state-of-the-art ferry was the result of months of due diligence and independent reports as well as detailed discussions with the States of Jersey and Guernsey, all of which led us to conclude that this ship is the right way to provide a modern high speed ferry service for our Islands. The 10,500 mile journey gave them the chance to become familiar with the ship and to ensure it was operating well. Liberation then spent three months being customised before coming into service on Friday 27 March.

However, despite our extensive preparations and sea trials, the following afternoon when Condor Liberation was berthing in St Peter Port in strong winds, she landed heavily against the fendering, causing minor damage to her protective belting. We are still working with Guernsey Harbour Master to investigate the cause(s) of this incident. We are also reviewing what went wrong with our customer service in Guernsey that day; we know that we let many customers down with long waits, poor and conflicting information, and a great deal of inconvenience.

We had already had to cancel the fast ferry sailings for the following day due to forecast bad weather, and even before Liberation arrived in Poole that evening to have the damage assessed, the forecast for Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March deteriorated, so we had to make further weather cancellations. It’s worth mentioning that, although we do expect that heavy weather trials later this year will enable us to operate Condor Liberation in heavier seas than those allowed for our old 86m ferries, for now she operates under the standard limitations for fast ferries in UK waters.

With Easter on the way, we worked quickly to develop enhanced contingency plans and, following approval by Ministers in both Islands, we:


  • Brought in charter ship MV Arrow to support freight services
  • Focused Commodore Clipper on providing a passenger service whilst poor weather (and then extended repairs) saw Condor Liberation out of service
  • Operated fast ferry services with Condor Express between Poole and the Islands on Good Friday and Easter Saturday (in Condor Liberation’s timeslots)

Our engineers got to work on the repairs as soon as possible, taking a thorough and cautious approach, but strong winds and heavy rain slowed us down and it took several more days than we hoped and Condor Liberation returned to service on Easter Sunday.

It was unimaginable bad fortune that Condor Liberation then developed an electrical fault the next day. Working with the manufacturers, we believe we have managed to isolate this fault and have replaced the faulty component, along with several others, as a precautionary measure. However, in the meantime, Condor Liberation was sailing more slowly than scheduled and we had to retime and adjust our schedule, causing further disruption. When, having been initially repaired, this fault reoccurred two days later, we had already set sail from Poole, and we had to adjust our timetable mid-journey in order to meet the tides. I realise that it would be easier if, in situations like these we could simply publish a standard contingency, however balancing differing numbers of travellers from our four ports, freight priorities and tidal restrictions means than every day involves an individual plan.

No-one is more disappointed than us that the first two weeks of Condor Liberation’s time with us has been affected by the combination of the berthing incident, bad weather and the electrical fault. It is particularly saddening after the wonderful welcome which she received in the Islands for the open days and ceremonial naming event last month.

I know that the inconvenience which many of our customers have suffered has been compounded by frustration at a lack of timely information from us at some critical times. I hope you have seen us improve, even in the last few days, but it is clear that we can do better; and we will. We’d be grateful if you could help us to help you by making sure that you give us an up to date mobile phone number when you book, as we use text messages to tell customers about any changes to their journey. Our call centre has managed over 8,000 calls over the last two weeks, with an average wait time of 4 minutes, but I know that many customers have had to wait for longer than this, and I offer them my sincere apologies. We are looking into how we can build more resource in this area.

Although we are taking longer than our usual 72 hours to respond to complaints, I would like to reassure you that we will, as always, scrupulously honour our obligations under the EU Passenger Directive across all our routes regardless of whether you live in the EU or the Channel Islands. You can find details of how to make a claim for compensation here.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the entire staff at Condor who have worked so hard to get our customers to where they need to be, as well as to maintain a seamless freight service, which, despite bad weather sometimes affecting freight sailing times, meant that we offered an uninterrupted supply chain over the important Easter period. Many of you have been kind enough to express your appreciation for the efforts we have made and for the way our staff have looked after customers. Those compliments have meant a lot to a team which had already been flat out getting Condor Liberation ready for service.

It is clearly taking some time for us to settle Condor Liberation into service and, looking ahead, I can’t promise that the weather will always be calm, or that there won’t be any technical issues. However, I can promise that we will always work tirelessly to keep our Islands connected and supplied, and to do our very best to look after you, our valued customers.

We have served our Islands with pride for over 50 years. Although the last two weeks have been difficult, we will learn from them and then hope to put them behind us, so that we can welcome you on board again very soon.


Russell Kew
Executive Chairman



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09 April 2015 11:00 - General Press Release

Condor Liberation - update

Work to correct the electrical fault with Condor Liberation’s forward engine is continuing and the manufacturers will replace a number of components overnight tonight (Thursday 9 April).  Although we hope this work will be completed in time for tomorrow’s sailing (Friday 10 April), there is a risk it will overrun and, so in order to provide certainty for customers travelling we have rescheduled our sailings for Friday to allow for a slower operating speed and the tidal restrictions in Jersey.  This means that Condor Liberation will miss the first call of the day into Guernsey.

More information on tomorrows disrupted sailings can be found in the Sailung Updates section of our website.

Full Media statement is available to download below.

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01 April 2015 16:40 - Press Release

Condor Express service - Good Friday

Condor Express Good Friday Services

On Friday 3 April, Condor Express will operate two high speed services between Poole to Guernsey and Jersey on the same schedule as originally published. As Condor Express is no longer in service for Condor Ferries, she has been partially decommissioned and although she is completely ready from an engineering perspective there will only be a basic cabin service.

Questions and Answers

Q. What food will be available onboard?
A. As there are limited catering facilities now onboard Condor Express, a complimentary breakfast and all day sandwich/light refreshment option will be available to those that have been disrupted due to the Condor Liberation being out of service.
Those travelling on the morning rotation will be offered a bacon bap and a drink (orange juice, tea or coffee) and toast can be provided for vegetarians free of charge.
Passengers travelling on the afternoon rotation will receive, a sandwich, kitkat, packet of plain crisps, apple, bottle of water and a choice of tea or coffee again free of charge.

Q. What drinks will be available onboard?
A. As there are limited facilities now onboard Condor Express, water, tea and coffee will be provided only during the crossings for free.

Q. Do I have to pay for the food and drinks?
A. One breakfast or sandwich option per passenger, dependent on the sailing times will be provided free of charge. An unlimited service of tea, coffee and water will be provided throughout the crossings.

For more information, please read the attached PDF.

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