19 April 2010 - UK Press Release

Ferry much in demand!

Since last Wednesday when all flights across Europe were grounded, Condor Ferries have been working hard to help hundreds of travellers get home to their families. In response to the increased demand for ferry travel, Condor have put on extra sailings between France, the Channel Islands and the UK to help people who have been stranded. Most people are travelling as foot passengers and Condor Ferries have responded by increasing the number of spaces available on all sailings. In common with many ferry operators, the Condor Ferries' booking system has been taken off line as it was being swamped by demand. Despite long queues at our port offices, customer feedback has been very positive, and all port and onboard staff have worked tirelessly to help people: senior managers have been talking to those waiting to book, and free refreshments have been offered to those waiting. Travellers who normally choose to travel by air have been surprised by how easy it is to hop on a ferry.

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15 April 2010 - Channel Islands Press Release

Condor Ferries responds to demand for sea travel

Condor Ferries is working to help travellers stranded by the volcanic ash clouds closing airports across the UK to get to their destination. 

Since the announcement that all flights in British airspace were to be suspended from lunchtime today, Condor has been inundated with people wanting to travel today.

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