20 January 2016 17:00 - Channel Islands Press Release

Condor Confirms its Commitment to Spending Over £1 Million This Year on Tourism Marketing

In giving the vote of thanks at today’s Chamber of Commerce lunch at which Catherine Leech, Director of Visit Jersey, gave the keynote speech, Ken Soar, non-executive director of Condor Ferries, confirmed the ferry company’s support for Visit Jersey and its commitment to spending over £1million this year on marketing the Channel Islands.

He also confirmed that Condor is committed to working closely with the island’s tourism organisation to bring more visitors to Jersey.

In his speech, Ken Soar said:

“Condor Ferries is an active and wholehearted supporter of the vital work that Visit Jersey does to promote our beautiful island to visitors.

“You don’t need me to tell you that, in many ways, 2015 was a difficult year for Condor Ferries. The introduction of Condor Liberation didn’t go as smoothly as we’d planned, and I know that some of you may have travelled on disrupted services. Of course we are sorry for those disruptions but we are striving to get better and better, despite the headline grabbing disruptions. Our Overall service reliability remains high and, even in the recent unprecedented storms, our freight ships battled through to keep our Islands supplied with freight services such as the food, wine and coffee that we have all enjoyed today.

“To our 400 Condor staff who have worked tirelessly this last year in the most testing of situations both operational and the weather - to deliver people, cars and freight to their destinations, I also offer my personal and the company's appreciation and thanks

“This year, as in previous years, Condor Ferries will spend more than a million pounds promoting Jersey as a great destination to potential visitors from the UK, France and beyond.

“With our shared commitment, investment and energy, we can all make sure that more people visit Jersey – and that is definitely something for which we should all give a vote of thanks!”

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07 January 2016 17:00 - Press Release

Statement on the Commodore Clipper - 7 January 2016

During Commodore Clipper's cross channel passage from Portsmouth to the Channel Islands this afternoon, a ventilation cowl on the forward deck was damaged in the heavy weather and the Master therefore had to alter direction of the ship to enable to the crew to safely effect repairs.


The crew have now successfully completed repairs and made all appropriate safety checks and equipment tests. Commodore Clipper has resumed passage to the Channel Islands. However due to tidal restrictions in Jersey, it is now necessary to amend the route to call into Guernsey first and then onto Jersey.


As a result of the international regulations relating to crew hours of rest, on arrival in Jersey, the ship will discharge passengers and freight and remain in Jersey until 1905 on Friday 8th January when she is scheduled to depart northbound to Guernsey and Portsmouth.


Condor Ferries port and reservations team are contacting all passengers who are affected by this change to the schedule. Passengers onboard the ship have been advised throughout and provided with refreshments by Condor Ferries.


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05 January 2016 14:00 - General Press Release

Condor freight deliveries up on Christmas 2014 despite stormy weather

Media Statement

Despite recent major storms across the UK and Channel Islands, Condor Ferries has reported strong year on year growth in its freight deliveries. 

In the last two weeks, Condor Ferries has successfully completed 100% of its 38 scheduled freight sailings, transporting over 17,500 freight metres between the Channel Islands and UK; this is up by almost 20% on the same period the previous year.

Fran Collins, Executive Director Operations said:

“Over the last few weeks, we have experienced wind speeds in the Channel of up to Force 9 which has made sailing conditions extremely challenging. However, our onboard crew and shore staff worked relentlessly over the Christmas and New Year period to ensure all scheduled freight links to and from the Channel Islands were maintained.

In addition, the fact that we have transported considerably more freight than this time last year is a testament to the commitment and dedication of all our teams ashore and afloat. Whilst the long range weather outlook remains extremely poor, we are confident that our teams will continue to maintain these freight links to and from the Islands successfully"

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04 January 2016 13:30 - General Press Release

Media Update 4th January

Condor Ferries update.

Despite appalling weather conditions last weekend, Condor Ferries conventional ferries maintained freight links (completing the usual number of rotations in the week) and all passengers were able to travel using the revised schedule.  Relentlessly stormy conditions in the English Channel meant that all services were subject to delays, though Condor Ferries' crews and shore teams worked to make up time wherever possible. 

Fast ferry sailings to the UK for today [4th January 2016] were cancelled last week, and today's scheduled sailing of Condor Rapide has been delayed by two hrs so that it can be completed in a short window of calmer weather.

In January (when passenger demand is at its lowest point), fast ferry sailings are only scheduled twice a week on Friday and Monday, with Channel Islands/St Malo rotations operating  over the weekend between Friday and Mondays.  Consequently and as previously announced, both fast ferries were scheduled to dry dock in turn, leaving the other in operation to maintain both routes.   

 Condor Liberation will now enter dock first with Condor Rapide maintaining services on both the Northern and Southern routes, supplemented by an agreed level of passenger capacity on Clipper.  Once scheduled maintenance and refit has been completed in dry dock, as well as a permanent repair to the damaged belting, Liberation will take up both Northern and Southern routes before the February half term as planned and agreed in 2015.  

Captain Fran Collins, Executive Director - Operations said:

"We usually expect stormy conditions at this time of year, and as in previous years, we know that some  fast ferry services may be cancelled or amended due to weather. Our conventional ferry services continue to operate through all but the most demanding conditions to keep the Islands connected and supplied.

Many teams at Condor have worked right through the Christmas and the New Year weekend to keep freight and passengers moving, as well as to undertake vital engineering work and to keep customers updated. We know that the changes necessitated by both the weather and the technical incident on Condor Liberation have been challenging for our customers  and I'd like to thank them for their patience and understanding during this particularly testing period. 

The long range weather outlook remains extremely poor, but storms may change direction or lose intensity.  Condor Ferries continues to monitor the weather closely and an update on fast ferry  services this weekend will be made by 1400 Wednesday [6th January 2016]."

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