20 May 2015 15:46 - Press Release

Media Response

 Captain Fran Collins, Executive Director – Operations at Condor Ferries, said:

“Since entering service, Condor Liberation has operated more than 90% of her permitted* scheduled rotations, of which approximately 50% operated normally and to schedule whilst about half have been subject to delays. Although many of these delays have been relatively minor, others have been over an hour or more.

“We know we need to improve punctuality and are working hard on doing just that. Our analysis has identified three main factors:

1. Some of the delays have been caused by technical problems, which are expected as a new ship enters service. As we indicated before Condor Liberation entered service, many of her components offer easier access to our engineers than the previous high-speed catamarans, so most of these problems have been resolved overnight or whilst Liberation is sailing, which avoids the need to cancel services.

2. As Islanders will know, the weather can cause unexpected travel disruption and some delays have been caused by poor weather or strong seas.

3. There have also been delays caused by a variety of factors in port and we expect to see improvements once port works are completed in St Peter Port. Our crews are also working to become more adept at managing the complex ‘jigsaw’ of loading the ship which is sometimes taking longer than scheduled.

“Where there have been more complex individual problems, such as with the faulty bow thruster, our crews and engineers have shown tremendous skill and commitment in resolving these problems rapidly and with the minimum disruption to the schedule.

“In times of more severe disruption, we have shown our dedication to the Islands by investing significantly in our contingency measures, which have included chartering MV Arrow and redeploying Condor Express.

“Our route network has also shown its resilience. When weather has disrupted the northern route, we have been able to maintain inter-island sailings by adjusting Condor Rapide’s schedule to ensure that islanders are able to travel between the islands. This included offering services to support inter-Island sporting events.

“It is also important to note that throughout periods of disruption, we have maintained freight supplies which continue to operate smoothly.

“We understand the frustration that sailing disruption causes to islanders but Condor Liberation’s service is improving as we work through these early problems.”

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19 May 2015 14:36 - General Press Release

Rough Crossing 18th May '15

Media response                                                                                                     19 May 2015


Captain Fran Collins, Executive Director – Operations, said:

“Condor Liberation sailed from Jersey to Poole on 18 May after the forecast showed that wave heights would be within acceptable limits.  Although conditions remained within permissible limits, the sailing encountered some rough seas, which our professional weather forecasting service had not predicted.

“Although there was considerable discomfort for passengers, the ferry operated safely throughout the crossing.

“Condor Liberation is a monohull vessel with two stabilising structures either side of the hull. These stabilisers do have a much lower draft than the hull and are designed to leave the water in certain conditions.

“When our vessels do experience rough seas, it is normal practice to ask passengers to remain in their seats and for the crew to close the retail outlets, very much in the same way that air passengers are asked to do the same when experiencing turbulence whilst flying. 

“I can assure all Islanders that Condor Ferries places the highest priority on safety, hence our decision to cancel Tuesday’s sailings because of predicted poor weather.  Unpredictable seas are an unfortunate factor of living on and operating ferry services to an Island, but we will always do our best to keep our Islands connected and supplied and to look after our customers as well as possible.”

07 May 2015 12:30 - General Press Release

Celebrate the Liberation of the Channel Islands with Condor Ferries

This weekend the Channel Islands will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Islands’ liberation at the end of the war in Europe. With a full weekend of events and activities across both Guernsey and Jersey, visitors will be able join in the celebrations and find out more about the wartime experiences of the Islands which were the only places in the British Isles to be occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The Channel Islands were occupied for almost five years up until 9th May 1945 (the day after VE Day) when the German forces in both islands finally surrendered to a Task Force sent to liberate them. The Channel Islands’ liberation is an important part of their heritage and visitors not lucky enough to join in the celebrations on Saturday can still explore the Islands’ rich history whenever they visit.

From the War Tunnels and Occupation Museum in Jersey, St Peter Port’s Castle Cornet in Guernsey, as well as a number of heritage walk trails, visitors can learn all about the Islands’ rich heritage and history throughout the year. Located just three hours from the UK, the Channel Islands are the ideal destination for a weekend break or day trip getaway – and with Condor Ferries fast ferry sailings running throughout the year from Poole, visitors can be soaking up the Islands rich history in no time.

Earlier this year, Condor Ferries introduced its new £50 million state-of-the-art new ferry, Condor Liberation into service which was named by Channel Islanders in honour of the 70th anniversary of their Liberation.
Alicia Andrews, Executive Director - Commercial at Condor Ferries, commented:

“Condor Ferries was founded in the Channel Islands more than 50 years ago; we are proud to have kept our Islands connected and supplied for so many years and to have deep roots with both the Guernsey and Jersey. The legacy of the occupation is still very evident throughout the Islands today with numerous historic installations in both Islands that you can visit.

“We’re proud that we have been able to mark this important anniversary in a small way with the name of our brand new ship, Condor Liberation, and we hope to welcome many passengers onboard this summer who want to find out more about these fascinating Islands.”

Watch Condor Ferries Liberation Day video shot on 9th May 2014 which gives a flavour of the celebrations planned to mark the 70th anniversary of the Channel Islands’ liberation here.

All journeys to the Channel Islands from Poole are onboard on Condor Liberation, offering improved reliability, increased capacity, and a much greater level of comfort with smoother journeys. The new ship represents £50m of investment in the Channel Islands, securing the future of high speed ferry travel to the Islands.

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