11 February 2016 16:23 - Press Release

Rapide Delay

Condor Ferries would like to apologise for the late arrival of Condor Rapide in Jersey this afternoon.

Rapide was scheduled to arrive at 1320hrs but was unable to dock due to tidal restrictions. Rapide will now arrive in St Helier at 1650hrs. All passengers on board are being looked after by the ship’s crew who are providing free food and refreshments during the delay.

“We are very sorry for the unexpected delay caused by an incorrect consideration of the tidal conditions when the sailing was originally scheduled,” said Captain Fran Collins, Executive Director – Operations at Condor Ferries.

“Our crew is looking after the passengers on board Condor Rapide and providing them with free food and refreshments.”

The return journey to St Malo is still expected to leave on time at 1740hrs.

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10 February 2016 11:00 - Press Release

Condor Rapide Dry Dock

Media Statement 9 February 2016

Condor Rapide’s period of certification and maintenance in dry dock will take place later than originally planned; however she remains scheduled to return to service before the busy Easter holiday period.

We have been planning Condor Rapide’s period in dry dock for many months but have had to wait for final confirmation of the specific dates that she is able to enter dry dock. As a result, we have had to alter the schedule between 10 March and 21 March, which has meant the re-scheduling and cancellation of some sailings.

We are sorry for the disruption this has caused to people who have been affected by these changes and have contacted all passengers to offer alternative dates for travel, or a refund if they choose to cancel their sailings.

Condor Rapide will be out of service from 02 March until 23 March returning in time for the important Easter holiday season.