Browser Support Standards

Condor Ferries aims to make your online experience as quick and efficient as possible. We accept that not all web pages will appear and function as required in every combination of browser and operating system, due to the nature of web development. The following standards have been produced in order to outline the level of support Condor Ferries applies online.

Level Definitions Browsers Mobile  & Tablet
Level one 5% or greater of users
- All content must be readable and useable.
- All functionality must work.
- Presentation and content variations must be minimised.
- Where css layout is used, the css must be rendered by supported web browsers, so that a fully-styled version of the page is presented to the user.
Safari 8.0 & 7.0
Chrome 40.X, 41.X , 42.X
Internet Explorer 11
Firefox 37, 36
IOS – 8.3, 8.2, 8.1
Android – 4.4.4
Windows – 8.1
Level two 3% or greater of users
- All core content must be readable and usable and navigation must work.
- Any degradation to (client-side) application functionality must be graceful degradation.
-Any degradation to presentation must not obscure content.
- Where css layout is used, you may choose to provide an unstyled version of the page to partially supported browsers.
Chrome 39
Internet Explorer 10 & 9
Firefox 35
IOS – 7.1
Android – 4.4.3
Level three Less than 3% of users
- Unsupported web browser.
- No support or testing necessary.
- All web browsers not specifically listed in the support levels 1 and 2 are unsupported.
Safari 6.0
Chrome 38,37
Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 34
IOS – 7.0
Android – 4.4.2
Windows - 8

Browser support standards updated 1 March 2016

The Condor Ferries website has been built and tested to fully support browsers identified within level one. The above standards apply to web browsers that are being used on desktop versions of Windows, Macintosh and iOS. These standards do not apply to PDAs, mobiles and other mobile devices.


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